UA Original Series 6” Boxerjock® untuk Pria – 2 Pak

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UA Original Series 6” Boxerjock® untuk Pria – 2 Pak
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Tinggi: Ukuran: Fit: Fit
UA Original Series 6” Boxerjock® untuk Pria – 2 Pak

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Tanya siapa saja yang pernah mencobanya—tidak ada yang mengalahkan Pakaian Dalam UA. Pakaian Dalam UA dapat meregang, kembali ke ukuran semula, mengeringkan keringat, dan menjaga tubuh tetap sejuk.
  • Fit: Rapat di kulit tanpa sesak
  • Kain HeatGear® yang ringan dan halus untuk performa superior
  • Konstruksi peregangan 4 arah bergerak lebih baik ke semua arah
  • Bahan menyerap keringat & sangat cepat kering
  • Teknologi antibau mencegah pertumbuhan mikroba penyebab bau
  • Ban pinggang praktis
  • Ritsleting
  • 2 buah boxer per pak
  • Inseam: 15 cm
  • 90% Poliester/10% Elastan
  • Impor


Inilah yang membuat perlengkapan kami memiliki performa yang lebih baik—dan lebih cerdas—dibanding yang lain.


Inovasi asli sesuai dengan yang diimpikan pendiri kami. Kain dengan aliran udara yang sangat baik ini menguapkan keringat dan mengatur suhu tubuh agar Anda merasa lebih sejuk, kering, dan ringan dari sebelumnya.

Ringkasan Ulasan

45 Ulasan


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Min. Maks.

Love them

I love these boxers, they are very comfortable for short or long runs. They are soft and hold everything in place. I used in mountains or road for a Marathon. They present bruises and do not get sweaty. The only thing for me, I would like the lower waist band.

Love em!

Love my new boxers! Keep everything comfortable and in place

Product as described

Product feels good and comfortable. I would recommend these underwear

recent purchase

Do not like the tags that come on the inside now. I of 2 felt a little tighter.

Always solid material and fit, but they changed the waistband

I've been purchasing the Original Boxerjocks for about a decade and always loved them. You can't beat the fit, comfort and durability. The problem I've noticed in the last year or two is that Under Armour changed the tightness of the waistbands. In comparison to my older pairs, the newer versions of the Boxerjocks' waistbands are too loose. So if bending down, the Boxerjocks now slide down. I've tried both L and XL and the bands are unfortunately the same. PLEASE go back to the older construction of the waistbands which stayed in place.

Not Like They Used to Be!

Been wearing boxerjocks and UA products for nearly 10 years now, and like most of their products lately the quality seems to be an issue. The waistband on these are virtually useless and slide down during any workout or movement and the material feels cheap! Please bring back the old UA quality!!


Fit perfect and very comfortable, having 4-5 boxer and love these!!

Perfect Boxerbrief

The fit of these are the definition of perfect fit and function! The waistband feels like there is no waistband at all and the material on the leg is so light, it feels like there is nothing there. At the same time though, whether you're running or in the lower portion of a squat, you feel the support when it matters and that is a huge plus! The mix of comfort yet feeling support when it's needed. These do not ride up no matter what you do in them.

Simply the best

Fits true to size. Most comfortable underwear out there. Simply the best.

Does what it says on the tin.

These were a Christmas present from my wife. On opening the package I could not believe how light and soft they were, they fitted perfectly (correct sizing) and were so comfy, stretching when needed, (the waist band is awesome) and springing back into shape. As we are huge travellers (and walkers) the wicking and anti-odor technology are invaluable, an added bonus is they do not conduct heat, at times I forget I am even wearing undies. So far they are perfect, it will be interesting to see what the longevity is like