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Sepatu Boot Tactical UA Valsetz RTS 1.5 untuk Pria

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RP 2,199,000
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Sasaran kami adalah menciptakan sepatu boot taktis dengan seluruh daya tahan yang Anda butuhkan untuk menyelesaikan pekerjaan, dikombinasikan dengan kenyamanan sepatu lari. Misi terlaksana. Yang kami buat adalah sepasang sepatu boot terlaris yang dipercaya oleh pria dan wanita berseragam di seluruh dunia.
  • Kulit sintetis yang tahan lama dan ringan serta bagian atas dari kain terkini
  • Sistem penyangga pergelangan kaki UA ClutchFit™ memberikan kontur dan penyangga di tempat yang paling Anda butuhkan
  • Pelindung jari TPU untuk perlindungan tambahan
  • Film PU dilas mengelilingi perimeter boot untuk ketahanan terhadap abrasi
  • Pelapis kaos kaki Ortholite® antimikroba yang dibentuk
  • Sol tengah EVA Micro G™ untuk kenyamanan sepanjang hari
  • Batang TPU ringan untuk penyangga tengah kaki dan kekakuan yang pas
  • Sol luar lug karet traksi tinggi baru untuk cengkeraman di berbagai kondisi
  • Tinggi: 17,78 cm
  • Berat: 384,99 gram
  • Diimpor

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I love the Under Armour but I purchased 3 pair of these boots. I bought 3 pair in 2018 and they have fallen apart!! They have all come apart at the seams and sole of the boot. The most comfortable boot I have ever worn but they just don't last long at all! I can not recommend this boot.


First let me start by saying I love UA apparel. But I have to say I am dissatisfied with the build of the boots. I was given these less than a year as a gift because I am on my feet all day for work. They didn’t hold up more than 6months. The build quality isn’t comparable with all my other UA apparel.


They took me a week, for my body to get used to them cuz I'm not used to wearing a high boot. The souls are markable they marked up the tops of them because of the way that I stand. So my boots have dark scuff marks all over the tops of them. But overall they are very comfortable and very durable and I would definitely buy them again.

Less than one star

I’ll keep this short and simple. I love the brand and their products. I’m on my feet about 3/4 of the work day, they fit comfortably but they run extremely hot and they literally have fallen apart in less than seven days. The soul is coming apart the sides are cracking very very disappointed. I’m intending on returning them and hoping a UA will stand behind their products, being accountable.

Comfortable boot. Terribly made

I bought this boot not even a year ago. I work as a maintenance worker at a hospital and bought them because of how light and comfortable they are. These boots are not made to last. For the price you pay, you’re better off just buying red wings. I would not recommend these to anyone unless you want to buy new boots 1-2 times a year

Comfortable Boots terrible build quality.

Working in Law Enforcement good quality boots is a must. I have trusted Under Armour boots and from the time I bought my first pair keep on buying them. The problem with these boots is that they are made poorly. I am on my 4th pair over the last 5 years and and have had this last pair less than two weeks and , they are already falling apart. I think under Amour needs to look into its quality control. The comfort of the boot is what makes me keep buying them but you would be hard pressed to get a year without these falling apart under normal wear.....

So amazing

5'4,fair complexion...slim...local employee aT NAIA Terminal 3,

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TPU Toe Cap

I do not suggest these boots to anyone who actually works for a living. They have many different contact points that become slightly aggravating on the tongue, and outter pad of the foot. As well as the "Tpu toe cap" is just that little bit of the rubber from the sole that overlaps the front of the toe. No added safety/ protection really. All that being said they still don't entirely suck as they are fairly water resistant, comfortable insole (I walk on concrete for hrs) and they don't have the typical break in point that will stab the back of the Achilles.

Best Boots

I'm a runner since I was little and I love boots! and when I got this boots, man I got really happy, they are confortable, and perfect in my size, I guess some people run with different kind of luck, but I guess I got the best ones! I love Under Armour, all the shoes I have gotten from this amazing brand have been splendid! I got the UA Horizon RTT they are amazing too! and another pair but basketball shoes, they are amazing too. I will really recommend this boots. and I'm a runner, I run in almost everything. and this boots have been really impressive in their quality! Thanks!

what a dissappointment

I've been using the Under Armour Men's Valsetz 2.0 for a few years and I could not have been happier. It seems like UA decided to discontinue that model and now we are stuck with a lesser model that doesn't even come close when it comes to quality and comfort. seems like a more honest name for this product should be Under Armour Men's Valsetz 0.5