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Sandal Dune Atlantik UA Pria

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  • Tali TPU cepat kering untuk kenyamanan ekstrem di panas terik
  • Bantalan kaki ultra empuk menjaga Anda tetap nyaman, baik di pantai maupun di jalan
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Dune Sandals All Year Long

Purchased a couple of these in the Red Blue and White and Hyper Green Black and White. Love these sandals as they are not only super snagging but super comfortable. The thong doesn't chaffe me in between my big toes, the rubber is extremely movable and not a hard piece of plastic unlike most thong sandals causing chaffing. Padding is extremely comfortable offering all day wearing easiness. The color combinations are truly what make this sandal a must buy offering many unique combinations as well the standard black tone which I must get moving forward. Ivery worn them to concerts, baseball games, as a everyday around the house shoe, as well as to the gym, grocery stores etc. I always get complimentsome on my sandals and I'm always proud to say yes these are Under Armours. Great sandal offering comfortable and easy wearing, they wash easily, they look awesome and most importantly I like them for the multiple options available as they are the best sandal that I've worn to date and I've worn previous Under Armour sandals but these truly are the most appreciated in my opinion. #TheresONLYUA #BETHEBEST #I WILL #ProtectThisHouse #TheresOnlyUA


The quality of these sandle are high. I highly reccomend purchasing.

UA beach thongs well done!!!

These are the best engineered, most durable yet comfortable flip flops I've worn before. The way UA designed and cut them out is just perfect even though there are no half sizes. They do not slip off your feet when you get them wet either.