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Gaya # 3000029
RP 899,000
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Panduan Ukuran dan Fit
Karena keterbatasan jumlah, hanya 1.000 yang diizinkan per pelanggan.
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DNA Produk

Perpaduan terbaik antara sepatu dan sandal—bagian atas dari kanvas menutup kaki dan memberikan perlindungan layaknya sepatu tetapi Anda dapat menyelipkan kaki untuk mengenakan dan melepasnya layaknya sandal. Sepatu ini mudah dikenakan dan luar biasa nyaman.
  • Bagian atas dari kanvas lentur memberikan rasa pas terbaik dan kenyamanan penuh
  • Sistem tali bungee elastis membuatnya mudah dikenakan, dirancang agar dapat diselipkan dengan cepat saat dikenakan dan dilepas
  • Pelapis kaus kaki EVA die-cut panjang standar mengikuti bentuk kaki
  • Sol luar EVA yang didesain ulang memberikan mobilitas yang lebih baik, bantalan yang ringan, dan traksi yang ditingkatkan
  • Impor

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Super lightweight but somehow they are very comfortable. One of my favorite shoes!

Great looking shoe tons of compliments

very comfortable and great support looks amazing kicking around or out for an evening of fun .

Why can’t the soles color match the shoe

UA Street Encounter Needs: Develop a shoe where the sole color matches the shoe color. In other words, black shoes are black, grey shoes are gray, etc. No white soles. Or red soles on gray shoes. Otherwise the shoes are great, but not buying any more, until they match. Just thought you should know.

Very good shoe

Love the slip on. Very comfortable. just a tad large but not falling out of them. A constant go to.

Good shoes for everyday wear

I have multiple pairs of these shoes in different colors. I wear them for work in the office sometimes or just going out with family and friends. They are some of the most comfortable shoes and have a wide range of uses for. They do run small as they are tight in the toes. I am glad to see that UA is finally offering 1/2 sizes for these shoes now. The soles do wear quickly and are not to grippy either. I like that you can slip them off and on with ease. The elastic laces, mostly for style are okay. Please continue to keep making these shoes as they have helped my during my recovery of leg surgery when i just need to slip on shoes to head out.

Great show for everyday causal wear

I have had 3 of these shoes & just about wear one pairs everyday. I love the look& comfort of these shoes, but they do not last but about 10 months & the exterior soul of the shoe is worn out. I do not go running, hiking or playing sports in these, they are just everyday shoes as I work in a causal dress office environment. Very displeased with the performance of the shoe.

Good Comfortable Shoes, must wear with socks

These shoes are comfortable and fit nicely. But DO NOT wear them without socks! I did for about 30 minutes and my heels were totally cut up and in extreme pain. Good news the blood came out of the shoes easily.

Good Shoe

the shoes are very lightweight.. easy to use because if its slip on style..a little bit long on my exact size but it fits good on the side..i hope it will have a new modification on its design and will eventually on sale again so that i can order a new pair.. thank you

Love these shoes

These shoes are lightweight, comfortable and look great. I love how easy they are to slip on and off. The soles are a little slippery on wet surfaces, so be careful. Also, the bottom seems totbe wearing a little faster than they should, but will see how they continue to hold up with time. Aside from that, I think these shoes are fantastic. I like them so much I got another pair in a different color.

Comfortable fit

Shoes are comfortable Insole are comfortable for long use Fit perfectly