UA Original Series 6” Boxerjock® untuk Pria

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Tinggi: Ukuran: Fit: Fit
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Tinggi: Ukuran: Fit: Fit
UA Original Series 6” Boxerjock® untuk Pria

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DNA Produk

Tanyakan pada siapa saja yang pernah mencobanya—tidak ada yang mengalahkan Pakaian Dalam UA. Pakaian Dalam UA dapat meregang, kembali ke ukuran semula, mengeringkan keringat, dan menjaga tubuh tetap sejuk.
  • Fit: Rapat di kulit tanpa sesak
  • Kain HeatGear® ringan yang halus dan panel mesh fly berartikulasi
  • Konstruksi peregangan 4 arah bergerak lebih baik ke semua arah
  • Bahan menyerap berkeringat dan sangat cepat kering
  • Teknologi antibau mencegah pertumbuhan mikroba penyebab bau
  • Ban pinggang berkualitas
  • Ritsleting yang berfungsi
  • Inseam: 15,24 cm
  • 90% Poliester/10% Elastan
  • Impor

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Not okay

I have many UA boxer briefs and these have to be the worst of them! (I just went back and read the reviews and clearly others feel the same way. The main issue is the waist band, they will not stay up in the back, it seems like they didn't put enough elastic in it or something, so good luck keeping your butt covered. The second issue is the material, it is not as soft / comfortable as previous versions. I am sure they were just trying to cut costs, but will not be ordering these ones again.

Great product

By far the best underwear I have tried and I have tried many. Worth the money.I still have the one I got three years ago. It's still in great condition

Way better than cotton underwear

I was sweating a lot in my cotton underwear which made me feel drenched as cotton holds water. That all changed when i got UA's 9" Boxerjock's where the fabric wicks sweat away.

No fly in Heatgear?

Just bought two pair of Heatgear. Discovered too late that there’s no fly. Won’t be buying these again.

This is NOT the classic underwear!

5 years ago Underarmor made a perfect Heatgear underwear series. They were soft, silky, and fit perfectly. This one is a weak imitation of the one they used to make. I am severely disappointed I cannot find the older design anywhere!

1st try at these underwear

These underwear are a Reasonable fit, cool, well vented and comfortable

Very bad fit

These underwear used to fit very well. Now I don't know who UA is making these boxers for, but it's definitely not athletes. I'm a 36 waist and prefer to size up my underwear, but even the 3XL is too tight in the butt in thighs. The waist band slips down and the underwear no longer fits my muscular thighs in butt. These used to be the perfect underwear for athletes, but now they seem to be made for twigs and other thin guys who wouldn't know a gym from the back of their hand.

Great value

Equal in all respects to other brands costing more. UA succeeds!

Some of these reviews...

I've noticed a lot of one star reviews which are talking about the sizing of the boxerjocks; mainly that the sizing is much smaller now. I'm going to let you in on a secret: this underwear stretches out over time. I bought a couple of these and then 6 months later bought a couple more. The new boxerjocks were tighter than the old bokerjocks. These briefs rock and it's annoying to see reviews saying "I bought some of these 10 years ago and now they fit so much tighter." Any dang piece of tight underwear will do that. So far in a year-plus of wearing these things I don't have any problems with chafing like I might with terrible cotton briefs. I wear these to the office, at the gym, out golfing, day drinking, etc. and all of it in the Texas heat. These are the ONLY briefs I will wear as long as UA keeps making them.


I've been wearing the Original 6inch exclusively for 7+ years. Until now. The last four pair I purchased are too small in every way. My size hasn't changed – maybe a slightly smaller waist. The 30 or so pair I have from before the **DIS-improvements** all still fit great. I used to buy these for people as gifts – I was a veritable UA evangelist. But thanks for **UN-fixing** what was never broken in the first place. So incredibly stupid to suddenly shrink the size and redesign a market-leading product that it boggles the mind. Perhaps someone needs to go back to business school. You've lost me forever because you've proven to me that, not only is the product inferior now, you simply don't care about your loyal customers. So much for the Maryland guys that made products about the athletes, and not the corporations. Bummmm-Errrrrr.