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UA HOVR™ Phantom Connected untuk Pria

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RP 1,949,250 RP 2,599,000
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Panduan Ukuran dan Fit
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Titik nol: Anda pasti belum pernah merasakan sepatu seperti ini. Benar-benar membungkus kaki Anda dengan sangat lembut—tetapi yang ringan sehingga terasa tidak ada di sana. Rasa nyaman dari desain yang sesuai anatomi, bagian dalam yang dicetak, kerah kain rajutan supermewah, dan lapisan bahan mewah yang membungkus kaki Anda. Singkat kata, segera setelah Anda mengenakan UA HOVR™ Phantom, Anda akan tahu mengapa kami menyebutnya pengalaman lari yang benar-benar baru.
  • TERHUBUNG SECARA DIGITAL: ( dan Eksklusif Brand House!) Teknologi Record Sensor™ UA melacak, menganalisis, dan menyimpan hampir setiap metrik lari sehingga Anda tahu persis apa yang Anda butuhkan untuk menjadi lebih baik
  • Teknologi UA HOVR™ memberikan 'rasa gravitasi nol' untuk mempertahankan pengembalian energi yang membantu menghilangkan benturan langkah demi langkah
  • Jala kompresi Energy Web menahan dan membentuk busa UA HOVR™ untuk mengembalikan energi yang Anda berikan
  • Bagian atas berbahan rajut cepat kering dan memberikan rasa pas berventilasi seperti kompresi yang menghadirkan kekuatan terarah yang ringan dan kenyamanan tiada banding
  • Panel kaki tengah yang dicetak 3D dengan perforasi laser untuk ventilasi yang lebih baik
  • Collar mata kaki berbahan rajut memberikan rasa pas seperti boot mata kaki yang nyaman
  • Penahan tumit eksternal menciptakan penyangga stabil terbaik
  • Pelapis kaos kaki SpeedForm® 2.0 yang berventilasi sangat baik diterapkan ke sepatu dengan kontur spesifik gender untuk perlindungan ekstra dan penyangga bawah kaki yang lebih empuk
  • Sol luar karet memiliki tekstur menonjol yang unik untuk traksi dan daya tahan yang tinggi
  • Record Sensor™ UA aman dalam selubung tahan air pada sol tengah sepatu sehingga itu tidak akan basah atau rusak
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Berat: 300,5 gram
  • Diimpor

Ringkasan Ulasan

79 Ulasan

Men's UA HOVR™ Phantom Running Shoes

One of the most comfortable running shoes I've ever bought! Slick and well designed and a high quality basketball shoe!

Great looking.

Hi good looking and cushion feels good but getting my foot in is hard and very tight around ankle and rubbing my ankle bone. I just walk in house with them and this is second pair I try. So I am returning them. I did like them.

Great shoe minor flaws

One of my absolute favorite shoes!! Comfortable, great cushion and support. Despite the flaws below, great shoe and will definitely get another pair. -The only flaw is getting them on! There absolutely needs to be a pull tab on the back of the shoe, just like the one on the front. With that said, the pull tabs need to be stronger/solid. After about 10+ wears, my pull tab started to fray, not good. I was able to use a lighter and melt the material to stop the fray. Fixed, but shouldn't have to do this.

Great design and overall look.

Shoes have a great look overall and definitely standout. On the new cushing technology is very hard to feel its responsiveness. Would also recommend Under Armour to due away with the poke-a-dotted shoelaces. I would give the shoe overall a rating of 8 out of 10.

Excellent for running and style

Ive got three pairs. Actually using Sonics to run in right now, but once worn down, Ill switch to these. Great for style right now. Soon to be running shoe.

Love the brand... But, it doesn’t love you back.

I love the UA brand and its apparel. But, I’m very disappointed with the size and availability of your shoes. I wear a size 16 and I’ve ordered two pairs of the HOVR. The shoe is stylish and comfortable. But, you should make larger sizes more available (I wear a size 16. But, would need a 17 in your running shoe). I did wear them a few times. Then, ultimately gave them to another person who was one size smaller (size 15). And, they worked perfect for him! Please consider making larger sizes and having them more available instead of overstocking colleges and universities with them. It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your time and consideration:

love ua but this are not running shoes

i love under armour but this shoes are not for runners i run 3-5 milles a day and this shoes are not good for running love the shoes for walking but they are not for run

One of the GOAT shoes.

Please continue to make this version of this model. The ankle collar on the SE version is too firm and causes a lot of discomfort. I know several people have said the said the same about the traditional version, but that's from people who don't wear socks. The original version is perfect. Don't phase it out. Plantar fasciitis disappears with this shoe.

Great HOVR

This is my first pair and they run a little smaller than I expected however still comfortable. I wanted the shoe to accurately track my workouts, running, walking, on treadmill and outside. The technology is great!!! Works great with my iPhone whether I have it with me or not, the sync process is great, I love the shoe, i purchased the Red Phantoms and now I want a pair Black, will purchase again soon!!! All other tracking apps removed now just UA!!!

Overpriced and Under Delivers

I had high hopes for this running shoe. Since the Gemini was retired I was looking for a UA replacement. Well this is NOT it! Shoe looks great and the reviews talked about comfort and that they run small. So I was warned! First, I have to say this...UA WHY ARE THE BEST COLORS IN NEN SIZES? Please stop that. Women like colors other than pink! We like reds, royal blues and bright neon yellows. Please make those colors in Women’s sizes. I’m tired of buying Men’s UA shoes. Second, the design of this shoe is horrible.The opening on this shoe is a nightmare! It’s difficult to put on no matter what size shoe you have. Also, when running it cuts off circulation. The laces have to be double tied. They come apart when running. On the treadmill, this is extremely dangerous. Also, I have a really short foot, typically wear a size 7.5 men’s and 9 women’s. In this shoe I’m an 8 but, the fit is till off. I have wide feet but as you size up the wide widens and the length change is minimum. Weird! Bottom line, I don’t recommend this shoe!