UA Dominate 24 oz. Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle with Flip Top Lid

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UA Dominate 24 oz. Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle with Flip Top Lid

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  • Vacuum-insulated for maximum temperature retention keeps beverages cold for 12 hours
  • Stainless steel interior & exterior
  • Locking flip-top lid with one-Hand push-button operation
  • Soft-touch silicone grip
  • Flip-up carrying loop
  • Leak-resistant lid
  • BPA Free
  • Manufactured by Thermos®, exclusive licensee of Under Armour®
  • Capacity: 24 oz.
  • Imported

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Yeti tumblr prob the way to go

Little bit of a rant read on if you’d like: Received without an insert to keep leak proof. Has an opening for a straw which is a nice touch, but my use for it was intraworkout container to put in my gym bag. Haven’t used it since it would leak. Customer service has been messaged 3x and no response. I’ve only had an issue once before with something I purchased and they took care of it ASAP though. I’ll have to order a new lid to use this thing. The good: size is nice fit one handed, the one I got was probably a return tho, even the mid portion rubber piece is loose. Quality control not doing their job? Lastly I didn’t expect this amazing container at all, just functional because it wasn’t meant to be a flashy UA product. But this thing is definitely not to par with most UA products.

Great water bottle

Keeps in very cold and perfect size that fits size of back pack

Bottle arrived with dents top and bottom, was package properly

I tried to respond with an email which never went thur. Kept the bottle because the heat has been toot and I need cool water.


It is bigger than I thought, but the materials look and feel top quality. The price is high but it is totally worth it because the design is nice and functional as well as resistant

need a better lid design and quality

I love the UA dominate 24 oz bottle,but the lids keep breaking. UA needs to either get a new design or offer replacements lids only, so we can order just the lid. I have had several of these and every one ends up the same. The lid breaks. Also, not sure why they went with a split holder as it hurts the fingers to carry it. It needs to be like the earlier designs, just a solid circle. Just my humble opinion.

Been using this bottle straight for 2 years, got a new one and- IT CHANGED

These bottles are excellent, I have the 16 and 24, use the 24 oz for hiking, biking, kayak, boating, at work and so on. Finally after 2 years of constant use and some good dents my son bought me a new one, and you changed the hook, it is now a split hook that is not strong enough for 24 oz's of water and ice. I used to be able to clip this to a backpack or belt but now cannot, not sure what the split hook is supposed to do, but it doesn't hold water, or hang on your finger when your hands are full, PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!!! Sincerely, Tim Seattle WA

Poor lid

Our family loves this water bottle, but we have been through multiple bottles, due to the lid breaking. This is the 3rd one that has fell and the lid broke right off. This water bottle should be better quality since it is higher priced.

The darn LID!!

I love this water bottle. Great size, easy to use, keeps things cold. The flip lid is awesome design.. But the DARN LID is not very durable. It's plastic and once it cracks or you break the plastic tab that locks the lid, the bottle becomes a leaking mess and is not useful. PLEASE MAKE THE LID DURABLE. I have gone through 3 of them. Make the lid medal with a medal tab that locks it shut. If they would do that it would be the ultimate water bottle.

A good bottle overall

We liked the water bottle very much. It’s good size and kept the water cold for a long time. However , the handle and lid quality are just poor. The handle broke in 2 weeks and 4 weeks for the lid after my son using it. UA should try to improve this issue.

The carry hook on the top is terrible

I love the bottle, and the pop up top since it makes it convenient to drink if both hands can't be free, ie while driving. It fits great in the cup holders in the car. Ice was still in the bottle from when it was put in, early evening, till the next morning. I was surprised to still see ice cubes in the bottle when I went to refill it the next morning. Definitely keeps everything cold for a long time. The only problem is that you can't easily carry this in your hand like the original bottles. Because the loop to carry is not totally attached, it opens up when you carry it. If I had seen this in the picture, I would never have bought it since that loop to carry is important to me. I do a lot of walking during the day with water bottle in hand. Within 5 minutes, the bottle dropped while I was walking. The top flipped open from the impact and water was all over the floor. Luckily nothing happened to the bottle. Because of the cap, I wouldn't want to recommend this product. I am happy that I was able to buy another cap since the plastic holding the flip top in place broke after much use. At least that cap has the better handle to carry. I don't like walking around having to cradle the bottle in my arms like a baby,