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Men's Project Rock 60 Bag

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  • Teknologi UA Storm menghadirkan produk akhir yang tahan cuaca dan sangat tahan air
  • Bahan kanvas yang berat memberikan daya tahan terbaik
  • Tali bahu HeatGear® berbantalan yang dapat disesuaikan untuk kenyamanan ekstra
  • Klip carabiner logam besar Project Rock
  • Grid hypalon untuk beberapa titik gantungan
  • Bukaan ritsleting samping ke kompartemen utama dan kompartemen penyimpanan atas yang dapat disesuaikan dan elastis
  • 2 kantong depan berpenutup kancing jepret
  • Kantong jala beritsleting di dalam agar semua barang tetap teratur
  • Loop di dasar sebagai titik gantungan tambahan
  • Kantong laptop berpelapis lembut di bagian belakang—dapat memuat MacBook Pro® hingga ukuran 15" atau laptop lain berukuran sama
  • 2 pegangan dari karet cetak
  • Penyetel dari logam dan tali
  • Sulaman logo datar
  • Dimensi: 25,4 cm x 25,4 cm x 56,18 cm
  • Volume: 22 L
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

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This Bag is awesome!

This project rock bag is one of the best UA product I ever brought! It has great space to fit my gym equipment, attire for my workout and just nice for my MacBook as well. Hope to see more great project rock collections soon!

This is the PERFECT gym bag.

I found this bag while on vacation at the Under Armour store. I own a martial arts gym and am always traveling to different gyms and schools to train around the world. I also had bags they were ok and I always would say I need this or need space for that. Upon finding this bag I knew it was perfect. Now I don’t know what other people bring to work out, but a 60 is plenty big for someone who’s intentions are to use this as a gym bag. I fit 2 dry Gis (martial art uniform) and one wet one in the amazing wet/dirty clothes compartment. Also I ha e several rash guards, my pads, gloves, wraps, water, etc. I can live without the computer spot though and use it for other things. For someone who needs a Rock solid (like that...?) gym bag, this is perfect. I also found one with gold writing, and a flag on it that says “home of the brave” on the back! Making this bag not just perfect for holding my gear, but also super pro America! And I like that! Anyone who doesn’t, come see me at my gym!


Love UA and “The Rock” but the bag is small. Though 22” long, the barrel design offers limited space. The wet bag takes up a lot of internal space. Side handles would be better positioned on each side of the zipper for more of a conventional carrying option. Anything more than a pair of shoes and a T will be a tough fit.

Awesome but not perfect

Just received the pack today. Checked all the seams and pockets. Making sure everything is sewn in and everything is in working order. So far so good. Only problem is the laptop pocket. 15" macbook pro or similar size was the description. If your laptop doesnt match the exterior dimension of that kind of laptop, it ain't gonna fit. Other than that, Great quality. Definitely can take a beating. I look forward to many journeys with it~

Broken Strap

Had my bag for only a week and the strap broke. I only had gym clothes in there so there wasn’t a lot weight in the bag. Love project rock gear so I was disappointed in this product.

Overall: Highly Recommend!

When I ordered this bag I had intended it to be a gym bag/work bag replacement. It has so far been able to replace everything I needed and then some. The straps (while a bit thinner than expected) are also comfortable. I would like the thinner part at the top of them to be less but when wearing it’s not an issue. The bag itself feels very durable and even though it is quite heavier than my old bag it feels far stronger. The bag has a well thought out setup for compartments and even a few small zipper pockets within the main compartment. The small pouches outside are small but usable. The round ring feels strong but nothing I’d overload (good for my keys). The grid pattern is a lot more durable than I expected thankfully too. The top compartment is great and closes up tight, it’s completely separate from the main area. It also has some loops on the bottom around the bag you can tie off more items or throw on a carabiner if you desire too. Overall this is a great bag and I feel like with care it’ll last me for many years. I wouldn’t expect this to be a rugged camping bag or hiking bag but for those who do those activities you would know this isn’t for that anyway. This is a great backpack and gym bag. I can fit plenty of clothes, boxing gloves, towels, shoes, etc with ease but if I planned on a coat, boots, etc I’d go with the larger version. Only negative I can think of is the laptop storage. If you had a larger laptop it probably wouldn’t fit however my 13” MacBook Air fits just fine. It’s got plenty of padding, so much so I don’t worry about it at all. So it works great for me but for those needing more space again, look at a larger bag. I personally love this bag and would recommend it. Just be aware of your activities, this is a great day bag for the gym (plus a little extra).

More space for laptop would help

The bag looks great and fits well. The only problem i have is the laptop space. I cant fit my laptop(15,6'') there. I would really appreciate bigger space for laptop. Other than that some extra space for meal containers would be also awesome. But thats just my opinion because im a bodybuilder and i have to have my meal with me all the time.

Just the one

Amazing bag size is perfect color straps are comfy , it’s got plenty of pockets and very styles plenty of perks awesome !!!

Great bag

Great good looking multipurpose Bag I have it in two different colors, love it

I love this training bag!

Is a great bag for training, I put boxing gloves inside the top compartment and is just right. Is awesome!