Sepatu UA RailFit NM Lifestyle untuk Pria

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Sepatu UA RailFit NM Lifestyle untuk Pria
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Sepatu UA RailFit NM Lifestyle untuk Pria

DNA Produk

  • Bagian atas jala dua lapis dan busa lembut memberikan penyangga yang fleksibel dan mengikuti bentuk kaki
  • Konstruksi slip-on agar dapat dikenakan dengan cepat dan mudah
  • Sistem tali sepatu pas selusur menggunakan lubang tali sepatu yang dapat digerakkan bergeser maju dan mundur untuk menyesuaikannya agar benar-benar terasa pas
  • Tali elastis pengunci tumit di kaki belakang
  • Telapak tertanam untuk kenyamanan saat memasukkan kaki
  • Sol luar bertekstur menonjol dan inset karet untuk daya tahan dan traksi yang lebih baik
  • Berat: 219,4 gram.
  • Impor

Ringkasan Ulasan

3 Ulasan

Not pleased with UA at this point in time

After having a not so great experience with UA, I thought I'd give it another shot! I saw this particular item but in a different color. I really wanted that other color but due to its like cost it's like first come first served! I decided to get the black but now I'm having second thoughts! Still new sitting in the box; I think I will return these!

Wears out too fast

I bought two pairs of these one after the other. I walk or jog between 25 - 30 miles per week. Both pairs of of shoes wore out within 3 months. Pro: Stylish, light weight, reasonably priced, encourages forefoot running Cons: Only last 3 months, laces won't stay tied.

Slippery on uneven surface

All other aspect works for me beside the slippery part of the shoe on uneven surface. Guess I’ll use it for lifestyle shoe instead for training

Runs small, slippery and constant fight with the lace.

Length wise they are small, but they’re pretty wide. Sole comfort i’d give it 6/10. They’re nice, but not great. If you step on an uneven surface like maybe a curb to dodge a passing car/bike, expect to slip. Now the lace thing. Seems awfully neat right? Wrong. You’re either constantly trying to keep it off the back of your ankle (because they come tied around the back of the shoe) or you tuck it into the toe and it’s either constant getting stuck in between your toes or it’s constricting up with every step or even feels like a rock in your shoe and it’s just really uncomfortable.