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Panduan Ukuran dan Fit
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Saat Anda berkunjung ke gym, Anda perlu merasa terhubung dengan lantai sebaik mungkin. Setiap aktivitas mengangkat, repetisi, dan WOD dimulai dari lantai ke atas. Teknologi UA TriBase™ memaksimalkan kontrol lantai dengan tiga titik sentuh untuk pijakan rendah yang stabil sehingga memberikan kelenturan alami pada kaki.
  • Dirancang untuk latihan intensif dengan bahan ripstop yang kuat dan jaring awet untuk penyangga yang ringan dan ketahanan menyeluruh terhadap abrasi
  • UA TriBase di sol luar memaksimalkan kontak dengan tanah di tempat yang paling dibutuhkan kaki Anda, yang memungkinkan pergerakan fleksibel superior ke atas untuk mendorong gerakan alami serta fleksibilitas ke bawah untuk mencengkeram tanah selama aktivitas mengangkat
  • Counter tumit luar untuk tambahan stabilitas dan pengunci tumit
  • Sol tengah Micro G® panjang standar untuk bantalan responsif yang sempurna
  • Sol luar yang seluruhnya berbahan karet membungkus sisi samping dan tengah untuk daya tahan lebih besar dan tambahan ketahanan terhadap abrasi dengan cengkeraman tali medial
  • Build karet yang strategis di bawah alas jari kaki untuk cengkeraman ke lantai yang lebih kuat
  • Konstruksi berjarak rendah dari permukaan tanah memungkinkan rasa dan transfer tenaga yang lebih nyaman
  • Sol dalam tidak dapat dilepas
  • Offset: 2 mm
  • Berat: 235 gram.
  • Diimpor
TriBase™ Reign.
When you hit the gym, you need to feel as connected to the floor as possible. Every lift, rep and WOD starts here.

    Maximises ground control with three points of contact for a low, stable base that still allows natural foot flexibility.


    An extra sticky outsole gives you a strong bite and reduced rubber under the toes helps to amplify floor-feel.


    Ripstop materials and extended sidewalls protect against everything from rope climbs to box jumps to burpees.

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These support my foot well and feel great even when I am on my feet all day working with clients.

They gave me blisters

I was very excited to try these shoes. I love my UA running shoes. I’ve had them for years and they still feel great! I was hoping to find the same love for these as my new shoe for CrossFit. The first time I wore them they gave me blisters in the heel. I’ve worn them a few more time thinking they just needed to be worn in, but I get the same blisters each time so I’ve stopped wearing them. Aside from the heel/blisters the shoe feels comfortable and like it would be great for lifting and CrossFit but because of the heels I can’t wear them.

Sturdy shoe for strength training

The shoes fit true to size. The structure of the shoe is significantly more supportive for strength training activities than other shoes I’ve tried. However, because they’re so good at providing solid footing, they’re not comfortable for cardio-type activities (I had some rubbing on my heel while walking on the treadmill). I love them (especially think they shine for activities like squats and kettlebell swings) and would purchase again. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

This product did not hold up

I was very excited to try these shoes. I was disappointed when I had only worn them two days and had not even worked out in them yet when they began to fall apart. Also, they are very narrow at the pad of the foot and were very uncomfortable for me. Wish there was more reviews on these before I purchased! They are cute shoes though that is one plus.

Great Shoes for Workouts w/o Running

Really like these training shoes. Great lateral stability and I personally really like the fit. Typically, UA shoes have a narrow toe box and it feels like my toes get their circulation cut off, but these are wide and give my toes enough room. The laces are very nice and do not come undone during training. I incorporate cardio on low-impact machines and do not run due to knee issues. I definitely would not recommend these shoes for running. They do not have the cushioning running shoes should have. There's a reason why these shoes are in the train category and not in the run category. I like the structured upper - looks great on! I got them in gray. The only thing I'd want is the color combination of the gum sole with the black upper.

VERY Pleased!!

I am happy to say that I am very pleased with this shoe overall!! Love the flexibility!! They have surpassed my expectations!!

A Great Masterpiece

This is a perfect pairs for crossfit and weightlifting ! It stick like a glue on leg day which is leading to amazing squats and deadlifts ! I would recommend this shoes to all gym junkies !

Amazing shoe for CrossFit

I have tried so many different shoes for CrossFit, but these exceeded all my expectations! They are unbelievably comfortable, easy to move around in. I have been raving about how amazing they are at our box. I will definitely be purchasing another pair soon!!