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When you hit the gym, you need to feel as connected with floor as possible. Every lift, rep, and WOD starts from the ground up. UA TriBase™ technology maximizes ground control with three points of contact for a low, stable base that still allows natural foot flexibility.
  • Dirancang untuk latihan intensif dengan bahan ripstop yang kuat dan jaring awet untuk penyangga yang ringan dan ketahanan menyeluruh terhadap abrasi
  • UA TriBase™ pada sol luar memaksimalkan kontak dengan tanah di tempat yang paling dibutuhkan oleh kaki, memungkinkan pergerakan naik fleksibel yang superior untuk mendorong gerakan alami serta fleksibilitas ke bawah untuk mencengkeram tanah saat gerakan mengangkat
  • Counter tumit luar untuk tambahan stabilitas dan pengunci tumit
  • Sol tengah Micro G® panjang standar untuk bantalan responsif yang sempurna
  • Sol luar yang seluruhnya berbahan karet membungkus sisi samping dan tengah untuk daya tahan lebih besar dan tambahan ketahanan terhadap abrasi dengan cengkeraman tali medial
  • Build karet yang strategis di bawah alas jari kaki untuk cengkeraman ke lantai yang lebih kuat
  • Konstruksi berjarak rendah dari permukaan tanah memungkinkan rasa dan transfer tenaga yang lebih nyaman
  • Sol dalam tidak dapat dilepas
  • Offset: 2 mm
  • Berat: 292 gram.
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TriBase™ Reign.
When you hit the gym, you need to feel as connected to the floor as possible. Every lift, rep and WOD starts here.

    Maximises ground control with three points of contact for a low, stable base that still allows natural foot flexibility.


    An extra sticky outsole gives you a strong bite and reduced rubber under the toes helps to amplify floor-feel.


    Ripstop materials and extended sidewalls protect against everything from rope climbs to box jumps to burpees.

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Runs Small

All my casual wear shoes are UA so I figure I could wear these for CrossFit in place of the Metcons. After my first wear, I had blisters on the back on my heel/achilles because the shoes are very tight and rub. I could not wear them for the second workout due to blisters/cuts on my achilles. I am having to double over my socks to pad my heel so they will not rub. I am through a full week of wear and hope there is a break-in period that I have to get through for these.. The sole of the shoe is fine but the arch to the heel is tight fitting. This is not a problem I have with Metcons in the same size.

No Lateral Stability

I wore these through bodybuilding, HIIT, and Crossfit workouts. They are comfortable and stable for the bigs lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench and versatile enough for most HIIT. They fell flat with jumping rope —single and double unders. They hurt so bad and my foot cramped so much I finished the workout in socks. I think the cause is the complete lack of lateral (side to side) stability in the shoe. These are good looking shoes and it’s nice to have an UA option for functional fitness training. I am looking forward to buying the next generation with the hopes the lateral stability gets addressed.

Lacks Comfort

I’m a huge UA fan. In fact, if I’m not at the firehouse you’ll most likely see me decked out from head to toe in UA gear. I was pumped when these were released and bought them as soon as they were available. They rubbed quite a bit on the inner arch of my feet, leaving me with blisters. I thought maybe there was just a “breaking in” period or something. Have given these shoes multiple tries and continue to get the same result...blistered arches at the end of every workout. Pros: they look great, get compliments on them all the time. Super grippy sole that allows for aggressive cuts/maneuvers while training. Buuuut, my feet feel miserable after use. That’s just been my personal experience with these.

Shoe runs extremely narrow around the mid-sole.

I was extremely excited to have received the pair I ordered upon release, but was met with complete disappoint when my size 13 fit incredibly narrow. I do have a wider than average foot, but not wide enough to require a wide fit shoe. Based on this fit, there is no way this shoe could provide the stability of its competitors like the Metcon or Nano. A wide fit shoe may be the answer here which I would gladly give this shoe another shot.

Fits Just about right. Feels Amazing. Performs amazing!

So much hype around xfit and gear. These shoes are new players to the game. I own all three major players now. Started with the nanos, and last year, invested in MetCons, and now these TriBase. I use all three randomly, to see which provides the best support and performance. So far, they all perform very similar, especially for the average xfit. I'm sure the top 1% of the 1% will know the difference, the rest of us, it come down to your feet and your genetics on how they're designed. My feet are wider than average, so these TriBase feel as if they have a little more room than the MetCons, but similar to the Nanos. Doing Oly Lifts and Power Lifts in these vs the other two, are pretty much the same across the board. For running? I haven't used these yet. so can't comment on that. Style wise? I like the black and gum soles, tribase were a perfect meld of this style. They feel pretty sturdy too. but I only use these for indoor applications. They haven't touched the pavement. Overall, i'd recommend these if you're a beginner to an average fitness athlete. Especially if you're an UA fan, then you'll love these. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Always had the swoosh brand before and had to have multiple for different uses. Those are great for heavy lifting (xfit kind) sprints and lateral moves. My first pair but definitely not my last. Great job UA [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Comfy. Great for working out.

They are comfortable. They are great for working out. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Nice looking shoe but waaaaay to narrow. I feel like they will stretch out but I think a half size down would make this less stable. They are good for lifting but not so much for agility work. I'm sure if you have narrow feet these will be spot on for you. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great support

I was using toe shoes, but these give me great support for doing heavy squats with good form. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Totally worth it. I was using some basic Under Armour running shoes for CrossFit and noticed I was having issues with stability but didn’t think much of it. Got these shoes, it’s literally night and day. Lightweight, stability is awesome, plus they’re good looking shoes. So pleased with this purchase. They fit great, nice material. These shoes are amazing for training. I’m a woman, size 9 shoe but purchased a 7 since these are men’s shoes and they are perfect.