Sepatu Olahraga UA Threadborne Push untuk Wanita

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Sepatu Olahraga UA Threadborne Push untuk Wanita
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Sepatu Olahraga UA Threadborne Push untuk Wanita

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Dirancang untuk performa. Dan meninggalkan kesan. Threadborne Push menggunakan bagian atas seringan bulu bersulam yang memeluk kaki Anda untuk mendukung tuntutan latihan rutin Anda secara bebas hambatan.
  • Bagian atas Threadborne yang bersulam memberikan ventilasi, struktur, penyangga, dan kekuatan terarah
  • Loop anyaman dinamis memeluk kaki agar terasa lebih pas dan menyangga saat melakukan gerakan multiarah
  • Balutan kaki depan karet lateral memberikan traksi dan stabilitas
  • Pelapis kaus kaki EVA die-cut dengan panjang standar untuk menambah kenyamanan dan rasa pas yang disesuaikan untuk Anda
  • Sol tengah Charged Cushioning® menyerap benturan dan mengubahnya menjadi semburan daya yang responsif
  • Bagian-bagian sol tengah dikesampingkan agar tidak terlihat menggembung dan meningkatkan fleksibilitas
  • Dinding samping karet yang dicetak meningkatkan daya tahan dan mendukung pergerakan lateral
  • Pola traksi sol luar multiarah memberikan stabilitas dan cengkeraman di seluruh permukaan
  • Pod karet yang ditempatkan secara strategis untuk daya tahan dan traksi tambahan
  • Offset: 5 mm
  • Berat: 201,85 g
  • Impor

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Comfortable and airy.

Comfy, well ventilated, stylin’ for my black office uniforms, on my feet all day and feeling well supported. I would recommend these trainers without a doubt.

Comfy as a slipper

According to UA fitting chart, I would wear 8.5. I had to send this shoe back for a 9. Shoe is very comfortable and lightweight, but supportive. I bought this for wearing to gym for weightlifting and Body pump type classes. Problem is, I don't want to take them off! They look great too. Very happy with purchase!

Love these shoes!

I love how my shoes look and feel. They are very comfy, lightweight, and I really like how they look. I plan to use these for the gym and for walking around all day (e.g. visiting an amusement park) and/or walking long distances (e.g. walking my dogs). My shoes range from a size 6.5-7.5, with most of them being a size 7. I chose these in 7.5 because I felt that the size 7s were too tight.

Runs on the narrow side

The shoe runs on the narrow side. It's comfortable and does the job. I would be very satisfied with it except for the narrow width which bids my food a bit too snugly for my liking.

Insoles not removable

I bought the Threadborne Push training shoes for Strong by Zumba. They're comfortable, quite supportive and true to size, though may be a bit tight if you have wide feet. Jumping, side moves, squats are good. Lunges with some slipping. I prefer sneakers with removable insoles so that I can wash them from time to time. I checked the Q&A session beforehand so I expected my shoes come with removable insoles. But they did not. Either the previous answer was wrong or I received a pair with defects. I'll keep them anyway.

Great training shoes

I received these in an Armour Box and loved the color. I wasn't sure about the fit, as I'd never worn UA shoes, but decided to give them a shot. It did take a couple of wears to break them in, but they're now my favorite pair of training shoes. I've worn them on cardio machines and through a couple of cardio dance classes, and they've worked great for both uses. I'll definitely keep these in mind next time I need to replace my exercise shoes.


These shoes are very pretty and the color are very vibrant however they fit very tight and are very uncomfortable around the left side of my foot. I used them to go to the gym and my feet were killing me after the workout. Not sure if a bigger side would probably solve the problem since they fit well.

Product satisfied

Highly recommended product . So far on time delivery from the team really appreaciated . Product is in great condition ceverything went . Keep up the good work. Hope it last Long

cute & comfy

in love! if you like color these are a win-win because these are super comfortable, and cute! Im a dancer and these are comfortable for me to dance in, im alos a teen so these are "cool" enough to look good too (;

In love!

let me start by saying I have never written a review before...... I bought these shoes a week ago and let me tell you....I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They're so comfortable, and they also have amazing support! Will be there for you no matter what you put them through! Your feet will thank you!