Sepatu Olahraga UA SpeedForm® AMP 3.0 untuk Pria

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Looking for lightweight support? This shoe was made for the athlete who takes on every type of training. UA AMP technology gives the arch of your foot the freedom it needs to move naturally, unleashing the full power of your body's foundation.
  • Konstruksi UA SpeedForm® yang inovatif mengikuti bentuk kaki untuk rasa pas yang presisi, menghilangkan semua gangguan saat berolahraga
  • Bagian atas seluruhnya dari rajutan ringan yang dibuat untuk bergerak cepat dan memberikan stabilitas lateral yang Anda butuhkan
  • Sistem tali sepatu unik memberikan stabilitas yang mengunci di kaki depan
  • Konstruksi serupa kaus kaki dipadukan dengan sadel multitali untuk penyangga yang terasa pas dan penguncian terbaik
  • "Tali" berlapis suede
  • Dibuat untuk menyediakan ruang terbuka mengambang di antara kaki dan sol tengah—memungkinkan pergerakan alami lengkung telapak kaki
  • Batang stabilitas dalam untuk menyangga gerakan eksplosif
  • Busa sol tengah Micro G® panjang standar mengubah energi pendaratan menjadi lepas landas yang eksplosif
  • Pola karet unik di seluruh sol luar untuk traksi multipermukaan dan fleksibilitas superior
  • Sol dalam tidak bisa dilepas
  • Offset: 2 mm
  • Berat: 249,4 gram.
  • Impor

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Amazing shoes

Its just amazing shoes for training and also is a casual shoes

So loose around the ankle

I thought these shoes would be great for training but you can't even make them tighter without them bunching up in the middle. The sizing is right and they look good but I do not recommend anyone trying to perform any type of exercise in them.

Hurt My Feet

At first, these shoes were great. Lightweight, felt good, and looked even better. However, once I started running with them I developed blisters on both sides of my feet. Playing sports my whole life, I thought this might me normal. I’ve had them for 8 months now and I’m still getting blisters when I run more than a mile. I’m starting to think it’s not me and it must be the shoes.


Thank you very much I will buy more shoes and everything. I LOVE UNDER ARMOR

This product is great

I used the 2.0 and this version 3.0 is way better, design is great and very comfortable.

Love them

Took these as a replacement for Charged Legend which were great for training, but very painful for treadmill. I love these for gym workouts - running, weight lifting, crossfit exercises... they are stable, comfortable where they need to be, balanced and overall I don't even think about them during training which is great. I am pretty heavy, neutral pronation, no problems with them whatsoever. Not sure why the negative reviews, these are gym training shoes, not the lifestyle ones.

Bad soles

Outlook is gorgeous, but sole is bad. Zero traction on even a little wet surface, kept slipping.

Awful Ankle Shackles

I don't understand how they could release a shoe like this. The cuff around the ankle is hard elastic and it rubs against your ankle and Achilles. No matter how much you break them in they're still restricting and will give you friction sores around you ankle. We got these for free at work and I've thrown them out. Garbage shoes. DO NOT GET THEM! Its like wearing shackles around you ankles. Design team needs to put these on people, not mannequins for testing.

Ooooh UA...

Got in my armorbox. Not worth the time or money. They feel off balance and they are painful to wear. Running, lifting, walking around, and especially squats feel awkward and unnatural. The inside was like a mountain range and the shoe feels almost twisted. Pictures show this shoe is intended for functional movements (squats or box jumps) or high intensity work (footwork or running), but I would never choose these over other trainers that offer stability. As others mentioned the heel bites hard. Two stars because of the look and got compliments, but had to tell people I would be sending them back with my armorbox.


They look great but are tight in all the wrong places. Traction is 0. Returned them