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Panduan Ukuran dan Fit
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“Project Rock bukan merek, tetapi sebuah gerakan. Keyakinan mendasar saya adalah bahwa saya sama sekali tidak peduli apa warna kulit Anda, berapa usia Anda, dari mana Anda berasal, atau apa pekerjaan Anda. Satu-satunya yang penting bagi saya adalah Anda dan saya membangun keyakinan bahwa kita dapat mengatasi semua rintangan dan mencapai tujuan—tetapi itu semua diawali dengan usaha yang kita lakukan dengan kedua tangan kita."—Dwayne Johnson
  • Bagian atas seluruhnya berbahan rajutan untuk rasa pas berventilasi seperti kompresi yang menghasilkan kekuatan terarah dengan bobot ringan
  • Lapisan sintetis untuk tambahan penyangga lateral dan daya tahan
  • Konstruksi bootie menutup mata kaki untuk rasa pas yang sangat nyaman dan penyangga tambahan
  • Sistem tali sepatu yang dapat disesuaikan dan anyaman pada kaki depan memberikan rasa pas yang mengunci dan menyesuaikan dengan Anda
  • Konstruksi tumit dan counter tumit luar TPU untuk menambah stabilitas saat mengangkat beban
  • Sol tengah Micro G® satu potongan mengubah pendaratan berbantalan menjadi lepas landas yang eksplosif
  • Sol luar sepenuhnya dari karet dengan tekstur menonjol unik yang ditempatkan secara strategis untuk traksi dan ketahanan yang lebih tinggi
  • Offset: 6 mm
  • Berat: 339 gram.
  • Imported

UA Project Rock 1
Designed from the ground up for power and comfort.

    Knit upper for a breathable,
    compression-like fit.


    External heel counter for
    extra stability when lifting.


    Knobbed outsole for increased
    grip and durability.

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Great for weak ankles

These shoes have been great for my sons ankles and he says they are really comfortable and alot of his peers want them.


These are EXCELLENT! Perfect for squats, box jumps, and just in the weight room in general. BUT keep in mind these are a GYM shoes only. Wearing these on the street will definitely wreck them. The aren't delicate, its just that they are designed to serve a purpose. TO TRAIN! I will definitely buy another pair again. Wish they kept the blue and yellow version in stock more!

Fits like a glove

I wore it yesterday for the first time to an end of summer cookout and flag football. It performed awesomely. Not only does it look great but feels great. Only thing, its slippery when wet. I know its for training. I played outside after it had drizzled for a bit and I was sliding a little. Also indoors on hardwood. Not as bad but just be a little cautious when wet.

Great comfort .

Great comfort very good design. Looking to purchase another pair.

Excellent Product

Great training shoes. Felt good right out of the box ! Make them in Black & Red!

Unique design and great looking shoes

I ordered PR1(white). I bought them for their unique design because I didn’t want to look like everyone else in the gym, and believe me these shoes get a lot of attention and they suit well with my UA joggers. The built quality and material feels great. However, if you have a close look to the shoes, you can spot a few imperfections the way they are glued n put together. Those imperfections are minor but i still don’t expect them to be there considering we are paying for the brand that’s also working in collaboration with and representing The Rock. Also, some threads were coming off from the back side of the left shoe which i posted a picture off. The shoes have snug fit around ankles n you don’t even feel the need to tie your laces. The best part is, they look and feel so small which makes me super happy about it. The shoes definitely run small even if you follow the chart size. According to the size chart #8 should have fit me but #9 worked for me cuz they run small.

Very comfort Shoes

Very comfort shoes beside the style and look. love the design.


These are found under the “athletic shoe” filter but please, for the sake of your ankles, do not try to do any athletic movements in them. They are fine if you’re lifting weights or walking in a straight line but do not try to do any fast lateral movements in them. Your foot slides off the sole and it feels like your foot is going to explode out of the side of the shoe.

Time will tell

I have been wanting these shoes since their initial release. Now that I have them I don’t want to wreck them in the gym, but that’s where they will ultimately end up. They do run a half size big so I recommend dropping down. Only complaint so far is that I’m getting running on my left heel, but I have only worn low socks and will try mid ankles with these since they have a higher ankle. They feel great walking around, no real stiffness you find in new shoes either. Very solid base for your workouts as well, best UA training shoe the Charge HRs.

Great shoe!

I'm really liking this shoe so far. I'm used to working out in low cut shoes, so I was curious to try the high tops. So far, so good on that, although with the cuff around the top it is more of an effort to get the shoes on, but then it keeps them snug on your foot. The shoe is quite lightweight and is super comfortable. One frustrating this is that the day after I ordered these, the new model low cut Blood Orange shoe came out. I considered cancelling this order and ordering the new shoe, but thought I'd try these & if I liked them, then I'd order the new shoe at some point. Also the online sizing seems to have worked pretty well. Thanks, UA & The Rock!