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Panduan Ukuran dan Fit
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“Project Rock bukan merek, tetapi sebuah gerakan. Keyakinan mendasar saya adalah bahwa saya sama sekali tidak peduli apa warna kulit Anda, berapa usia Anda, dari mana Anda berasal, atau apa pekerjaan Anda. Satu-satunya yang penting bagi saya adalah Anda dan saya membangun keyakinan bahwa kita dapat mengatasi semua rintangan dan mencapai tujuan—tetapi itu semua diawali dengan usaha yang kita lakukan dengan kedua tangan kita."—Dwayne Johnson
  • Bagian atas seluruhnya berbahan rajutan untuk rasa pas berventilasi seperti kompresi yang menghasilkan kekuatan terarah dengan bobot ringan
  • Lapisan sintetis untuk tambahan penyangga lateral dan daya tahan
  • Konstruksi bootie menutup mata kaki untuk rasa pas yang sangat nyaman dan penyangga tambahan
  • Sistem tali sepatu yang dapat disesuaikan dan anyaman pada kaki depan memberikan rasa pas yang mengunci dan menyesuaikan dengan Anda
  • Konstruksi tumit dan counter tumit luar TPU untuk menambah stabilitas saat mengangkat beban
  • Sol tengah Micro G® satu potongan mengubah pendaratan berbantalan menjadi lepas landas yang eksplosif
  • Sol luar sepenuhnya dari karet dengan tekstur menonjol unik yang ditempatkan secara strategis untuk traksi dan ketahanan yang lebih tinggi
  • Offset: 6 mm
  • Berat: 339 gram.
  • Imported

UA Project Rock 1
Designed from the ground up for power and comfort.

    Knit upper for a breathable,
    compression-like fit.


    External heel counter for
    extra stability when lifting.


    Knobbed outsole for increased
    grip and durability.

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Quality control.

These shoes just arrived in the mail today and so I tried to leave my review fairly neutral except for what I experienced. When I got these shoes I immediately noticed that there were some issues with the build quality of them. There was stitching on the back that was already fraying for shoes that had never been worn. Also the adhesive that is used above the sole of the shoe was sloppy and visibly inconsistent all the way around. I would say these are minor issues except that no shoe I have ever purchased has had any of these issues. I expected more from shoes that cost this much and were such a signature product of Under Armour.

Wish I did not have to take them back

I bought these shoes twice the first time was a sizing mistake because you have to order online and can't try them on so when I got the second pair they fit great are very comfortable and a great shoe however they continue to put blisters on the back of my heel to the point where I cannot wear them. Going to take them back and try upgrading to the hovr.

Comfortable shoe and great feel.

I like the overall shoe l. Fits great comfortable. The shoe is however not light. Would prefer something lighter for workouts. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Nice shoes, but not right for me.

Great looking shoes, but the high top function and solid top made it uncomfortable for me to wear. I swapped out for a different Under Armor training shoe that worked much better for me. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Bit disappointing

I wear a size 10.5 across the board...all of my under armour shoes are the same size and fit perfectly until these. They fit like an 11.5. I tried to deal with it and doing so discovered that they fit snug in the upper foot and we're responsive but lacked in overall comfort compared to the deltas. They lack in the cushioned ride and we're definitely a few steps down from the deltas. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Not comfortable

Bought these shoes because I love the comfort of the Under Armour brand. The Rock Deltas were the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned. Sadly, I have to say that these Project Rocks are not comfortable. I have worn them 3 times, and each time left my feet feeling worse. After walking in them for most of the day, my feet felt a pain I have not felt since doing ten mile hikes in basic training in combat boots.

Size is not as its advertised and shoes is way bigger than the normal size

So i have had this shoes for sometime. I have used it like 3-4 times till now because after wearing the shoes i felt like my leg was slipping to the front of the shoes and it started hurting my ankle as thats the one where it gripped on. I felt like the laces for the shoes also doesnt stay, as it unties every 10-15 min and i have to tighten it up everytime. I dont think i am super impressed with the shoes. My shoes size has always been 11 and this shoe even at size 11 is too loose for me. Thats the main complaint for me and i dont think i will use this shoes that much going forward


So let me start by saying these shoes weren’t bought for any sort of training/gym use. Needed some comfortable shoes for work and up until now I was not let down by an Under Armour product. I decided to try these out due to their reviews, but in the end I was let down. The pros, I liked the upper support, I felt like I could have not even laced them and they’d be firm. The toe box was very roomy, for the people with wider feet these are perfect. Sizing was as everyone seemed to agree on, ran way big. I’m normally a size 13 and I had to use a 12. Not a big deal really. I ordered the green ones and the color isn’t as dark as it may appear in the description. Now for the cons, I’ve worn them about 3 months, 5 days a week for work. Comfort after about week 3 was gone. There wasn’t much grip in the sole, water and waxed floors are a scary situation in these shoes. I’ve worn other Under Armour shoes before and that has yet to be an issue. The insole is not removable, I guess not a huge deal but maybe had I been able to remove it and put in a thicker sole it would change my view on these shoes. Overall if you plan on using these daily for many hours on end I’d say keep looking. Maybe for very short use they are fine. In hindsight I should have maybe returned them way back when, but I wanted to give them a try, up until now I haven’t been let down by Under Armour footwear.

Wide Toe box/good feeling shoe but...

Great looking show with good comfort and durability so far after a few work outs. My only problem is if you are working out or circuit training on flooring other than rubber or turf, portions of the sole may slip due to the material on the bottom of the shoes which is not all rubber.

Dwayne almost had the perfect shoe.

The rock shoe is the only shoe that under armour makes that would be almost a direct replacement of my old under armour training shoes. They fit great, soles felt amazing, the only flaw that keeps me from keeping this shoe is the hard material from the bottom of the laces all the way down the big toe. After 20 mins of just walking in them in the house, and testing the bend in plank position their started to form a blister from the material not being forgiving overtop of the big toe joints and pressing hard/rubbing into the top of the toe. If the whole toe area from the bottom of the laces to the end of the toes was soft material like it is on the other 4 toes then this would be the best shoe on the market. Hopefully my shoes will last till series 3 of the rock line-up and this issue is hopefully fixed.