Sepatu Olahraga UA ArchiTech Futurist untuk Pria

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Sepatu olahraga yang tiada duanya, The ArchiTech Futurist mewakili inovasi UA di masa lampau, masa kini, dan masa depan. Dibuat dengan sistem tali sepatu kompresi dan struktur tumit yang sangat suportif, Anda akan merasa bertenaga penuh.
  • Bagian atas UA SpeedForm® mengikuti bentuk kaki dengan sempurna untuk menghilangkan gangguan sepenuhnya
  • Dibuat dengan kulit sintetis serat mikro premium
  • Perforasi di seluruh bagian atas untuk pernapasan dan ventilasi yang lebih baik
  • Sistem tali sepatu kompresi dengan ritsleting tengah untuk rasa pas yang khusus untuk Anda dan sensasi tanpa jahitan
  • Lengan luar yang terinspirasi oleh apparel membungkus hingga mata kaki untuk menambah penyangga dan rasa pas yang dinamis
  • Tulisan UNDER ARMOUR nontimbul di sekeliling tumit
  • Sol tengah Micro G® panjang standar dibuat untuk performa serbaguna
  • Klip tumit injeksi TPU memberikan landasan yang mantap untuk stabilitas selama latihan kekuatan dan angkat beban
  • Pod sol luar dari karet dengan pola lug mini melingkar untuk traksi dan ketahanan yang sempurna
  • Sol dalam tidak dapat dilepas
  • Offset: 6 mm
  • Berat: 350 gram.
  • Impor

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Hands down the best training shoes ever.

A little hard to get on and take off at first but that is only an issue because it is winter time so I don't like the whole process of taking them off and on once I get there in order to strip down to shorts. However once the workout actually starts they are amazing, perfect snug fit and feel and the heel is great. I worry about the zipper popping in the future rendering them useless but I see nothing like that has happened yet to anyone so that's a good thing. Sometimes during exercises that require a lot of movement like elliptical or walking lunges the zippers do zip down a bit and i'd prefer if the drawcord didn't stick out as much as it did overtop of the shoe once tightened but I'm just nitpicking as they are the best and most comfortable and effective training shoe I have ever used and they are SO unique and look EXTREMELY COOL. The heel is the same as the project 1's it seems, it is great for any day I have tried. No slippage no problems with balance no problems with them slipping my lower cut socks off, no problems with loose lacing, other than the minor hassle of strapping into them pre workout there are no issues, you make it through the entire workout so smoothly. If the zipper proves to no be a problem, especially once I break them in a bit I will buy these again and again. I would never recommend or switch to any other training shoe.

Value for your Money!!!

Excellent pair of shoes, comfort fit, highly recommended to any prospective buyers! two thumbs up!

Great Shoe!

Great shoe for leg day! Comfortable but still supportive. The ankle strap adds great style and support! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Well Done

I found these shoes by mistake but have no regrets at all. They are extremely comfortable and stylish. The design always gets me compliments. The color matches all my gym outfits. It’s design is futuristic indeed. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Best shoe ever!!!

My title says it all!!! Comfort , fit, support and style.... can't ask for more [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Comfortable and Ease of Use

When it arrived, I thought it will uncomfortable and hard to put on because of the zipper and shoe lace. However, it is easy to slide in your feet, pull the lace and zip it and your ready to impress anybody with this futuristic look. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

UA ArchiTech

Great training shoes. Comfortable with great ankle support. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Wanted to like these!

I first bought some Project Rocks but they run way to big so had to return them. They seem to always be out of stock and I wanted some new gym/training shoes. I figured I'd give these a shot. They look good and appear to be well made. They were sized better than the PR1s but were a tad bit snug which was fine. The zipper was a big problem especially on my right foot. It was a neat concept and I liked it but it rubbed a sore where the zipper pressed into my ankle. Also the shoes hurt my feet after wearing for 10+ minutes. I figured maybe breaking them in would help so wore them a few times for workouts in my home gym and no dice. I ended up returning them. I really did want to like them, I like Under Armor and most of their products. Hopefully I can get some PR1s in a better size when they finally get some in stock.

Love it

When on, laced and zipped up this shoes keeps me in place during my workouts, very stable and there was no slipping. After the workout I just unzip and loosen the lace and they are comfortable enough to wear around. It took me a while to get use to the arch, it is much higher than any of my running, training, or basketball shoes. I never got so many compliments on a shoe as I have with this one. Great job UA! Now make them an ICON option! Or at least give a few other colors

Great HITT Training Shoe

I just received these bad boys today and I immediately put them them through a two hour WOD. These shoes stood up the the test as well as exceeded my expectations. They’re snug yet they feel almost as if you’re wearing a super comfortable pair of socks. The laceless feature is a great ideas as well as using a zipper to hold everything in its place. I had minimal to zero excess movement while doing speed and agility training which is a HUGE plus for me. These shoes are stylish and very very lightweight. I received many compliments from both men and women in reguards to my shoes. Do yourself a favor and add these shoes to your closet or gym bag. Great job UA