Sepatu Lari UA Threadborne Blur untuk Pria

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RP 1,499,250 RP 1,999,000
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Panduan Ukuran dan Fit
Karena keterbatasan jumlah, hanya 1.000 yang diizinkan per pelanggan.
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DNA Produk

Segala hal pada sepatu ini dibuat untuk kecepatan—mulai dari Charged Cushioning yang ringan untuk pengembalian energi yang lebih besar hingga bagian atas berbahan rajutan yang nyaman untuk rasa pas yang mengunci.
  • NETRAL: Untuk pelari yang membutuhkan keseimbangan antara fleksibilitas dan bantalan
  • Konstruksi UA SpeedForm® yang inovatif mengikuti bentuk ke kaki untuk rasa pas presisi, menghilangkan semua gangguan
  • Bagian atas dari rajutan Threadborne™ untuk rasa pas berventilasi seperti kompresi yang memberikan kekuatan terarah yang ringan
  • Lidah sepatu dari jala berventilasi dilekatkan ke telapak dengan sayap penyangga elastis untuk meningkatkan penyangga dan mempertahankan rasa pas yang nyaman di seluruh kaki
  • Pelapis kaus kaki tertanam untuk bantalan tambahan kenyamanan yang mulus
  • Sol tengah dari busa ultra ringan satu potongan yang direkayasa untuk memberikan langkah yang sangat responsif
  • Karet tiup di bawah kaki bagian depan ringan namun sangat responsif
  • Karet abrasi tinggi ditempatkan di bawah tumit untuk membantu meredam kontak dengan tanah
  • Offset: 6 mm
  • Imported

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I love it, it exactly fits to my feet, I love the style simply but awesome!

Good running shoe

I was really impressed with these shoes and the cushion and bounce that they provide. They are a really great running shoe, however, I have a huge issue with the back of the shoe. It digs into the achilles area of my ankle and leaves blisters and causes bleeding. My old Under Armour shoes did not used to do this. Anyone know of a quick fix?

Nice shoe. Poor arch support

These shoes look and fit great. Unfortunately they have poor arch support. They have a harder rubber cushioning which feels very stable, but accentuates the poor arch support. If you don't need arch support, I would recommend these. This is the first UA shoe I have bought with this problem.

UA Influencer

I got to say, way to go Under Armour! This is the best version of a running shoe I've ever tried. Very stable, light weight and breathable. I use these for running as well as my normal explosive bodyweight workouts. These will definitely be my go to shoes for training and runs.


I was looking for some shoes for the gym, and I found these nice designed and comfort fitting shoes! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great If You Want to Go Short and FAST

In the few months I've run in this shoe I found that it was something that worked fantastic for me on speed work days or track days! I never had the chance to race in the shoe but after turning out a long run or two in these at race pace it would be a fantastic shoe for race day (half marathon or less). One challenge is with larger rocks getting stuck so be sure to stick to the roads with the puppies! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great shoe at first. Poor durability

I'm in the army and we do runs a few times a week ranging from 2-4 miles every once in a while we'll have a 6 mile run but these sneakers have only seen 3 1/2 miles in a single run.They were great at first but after 2 weeks the bottom of the sole started to peel off and its disappointing due to the fact that they had good reviews for this type of running. Do not recommend.

Rather Disappointed

I purchased this shoes last weekend.The fit and measure of this shoes is excellent and it's true to size. However what disappoints me is the Achilles notch of this shoes. I have more than a dozen UA shoes (mostly running shoes), but this is the only one that gives me blisters on the bottom of my achilles tendon after running twice with it in short distances! After inspecting it, I noticed that the Achilles notch of this shoes is quite harder compare to my UA SpeedForm Velociti and others with the same design. I never expected it and never really noticed when trying out the shoes because it never happened before. I wished I had.

  • Disappointing Achilles notch materials

Great Shoe

Very lightweight and comfortable. Reminds me a lot of the original Speedform Apollo which was my favorite shoe.

Made to go fast

I typically stick to short (3-4mi) but fast runs, and this shoe is perfect. First off it is crazy light weight. Cushioning is very responsive, perfect for short speed work. If you are looking for something soft and cushy for 10mi+ runs this is not the shoe. There is no insole and there is minimal support. Mid-foot lock down is great and there is ample toe room. Upper is very breathable, I can actually see my socks through the top of the shoe. That being said, the materials feel a little cheap especially the sock liner which looks like a wrinkled piece of paper. However I can overlook that because this shoe is designed to be as light and minimal as possible and they have achieved that with this shoe. Highly recommended!