Sepatu Lari UA SpeedForm® Intake 2 untuk Pria

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Sepatu Lari UA SpeedForm® Intake 2 untuk Pria
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Sepatu Lari UA SpeedForm® Intake 2 untuk Pria

DNA Produk

Bantalan empuk melindungi Anda dari benturan, jala yang nyaman membuat kaki Anda tetap sejuk, dan counter tumit luar menambah penyangga dan panduan. Yang Anda dapatkan adalah perjalanan yang mulus setiap saat.
  • Konstruksi UA SpeedForm® yang inovatif mengikuti bentuk kaki untuk rasa pas yang presisi, menghilangkan semua gangguan
  • Bagian atas jala superringan untuk meningkatkan rasa pas dan ventilasi
  • Counter tumit luar memberikan penyangga dan penguncian ekstra di bagian belakang kaki
  • Pelapis kaus kaki tertanam untuk tambahan bantalan, penyangga, dan kenyamanan tanpa batas
  • Charged Cushioning® menggunakan busa terkompresi untuk responsivitas dan daya tahan yang lebih baik, memberikan bantalan dan pengembalian energi yang optimal
  • Sol luar karet tiup dengan tumit karet karbon ringan tetapi sangat tahan lama
  • Karet abrasi tinggi ditempatkan di bawah tumit untuk membantu meredam kontak dengan tanah
  • Offset: 10 mm
  • Berat: 285 g
  • Impor

Ringkasan Ulasan

7 Ulasan

Great product

This product is good for long walk/runs both for gym or outdoor. Great buy...

Not for wide feet

As the title states, these just arent for wide feet. These sneakers have a 3/4" narrower footprint than my previous under Armour shoes.

Intake 2 round 2

This is the second time I’ve tried this shoe. The first time it was included in my Armour box and it felt fine. I sent them back because I wasn’t too keen on the color. I ordered my preferred color and have worn them for a week now. I’ve used them for short and medium distance runs and some gym workouts. They have held up well so far and they look great. If you are running in the cold I would suggest a different shoe. They breathe extremely well as the name would suggest so my early morning runs begin with a refreshing gust of cold air to my toes before I warm up. Not a big complaint but maybe just a warning to others. They will be fabulous on those summer runs though

Great Running Shoe

The shoe feels great but a bit snug for my feel, but I believe it will we excellent for a runner(which I am not). They look great and feel light enough for me to run in if I could.

Best shoe from UA!

This is the vest shoes, by far, from UA for the price. Great support. Wonderful cushioning. Light weight with great ventilation. Love the stretch material and the way it forms to my feet. I have RA, this shoe is the first to not set it off. After my first 2 mile walk, I removed my shoes and had no pain in my toes for the first time I years, after a long walk/run. I recommended these! Only downfall so far: These offer no protection from water or rain. They are quick drying!

Running Shoe for Work

This is a good shoe, overall. I am a Physical Education Teacher, and I wear these shoes to work. They are good, with the exception of the fit around the back heel. My foot slides up and down a little bit, and it causes my sock(s) to slide down off my foot, unless a I reach down and pull them back up. Again, not too much of a hassle, but this issue is noticed, with me. Keep evolving and improving your products. Under Armour seems to be moving in the right direction.

You’ll love’em!

Very comfortable. UA quality as expected. Great shoe. Small rub on my left toe. Overall I would recommend.