Sepatu Lari UA SpeedForm® Europa untuk Pria

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Sepatu Lari UA SpeedForm® Europa untuk Pria
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Sepatu Lari UA SpeedForm® Europa untuk Pria

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Didesain untuk pelari yang memerlukan stabilitas ekstra, Europa memberikan bantalan terbaik, fit presisi, dan penyangga terstruktur untuk membantu mengontrol gerakan kaki dan menghindari pronasi berlebih.
  • STABILITAS: Untuk pelari yang memerlukan struktur & bantalan ekstra
  • Konstruksi inovatif UA SpeedForm® dicetak sesuai bentuk kaki agar lebih presisi dan pas, menghilangkan semua gesekan
  • Panel tengah telapak kaki mengunci kaki dengan rapat & menyangga secara fleksibel
  • Bahan jaring ringan digunakan pada lidah & ruang jemari agar terasa lebih pas & menambah ventilasi
  • Penahan tumit eksternal TPU untuk penyangga & struktur tambahan
  • Pelapis kaus kaki tertanam untuk bantalan tambahan, penyangga & kenyamanan
  • Sol tengah Charged Cushioning® menggunakan foam terkompresi untuk responsivitas & ketahanan yang lebih baik, untuk bantalan & pengembalian energi yang optimal
  • Unit tumit Micro G® & medial post meningkatkan stabilitas
  • Medial post densitas ganda membantu mencegah pronasi berlebih
  • Bahan karet tiup di bawah telapak depan sangat ringan, namun luar biasa responsif
  • Bahan karet tahan abrasi ditempatkan di bawah tumit untuk membantu menyerap daya saat kaki menyentuh tanah
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Berat: 294 gram.
  • Impor

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I Got this Shoe from IMM mall, after wearing i observed that this shoe getting Static shock and very skiddy, cannot wear during raining.

looking very nice. But getting static shock if you touches any metal. not suitable to walk on wet floor asweel very skiddy. during raining impossible to walk with these shoe. is there any possibility to exchange this? getting static shock is worst part, i never expected this as UA is an international brand.

Very Thin Topline and no free bottle from the promo

First, I was excited to buy this product with the free water bottle thinking that it will automatically be included. But you need to input a code apparently. Anyway, the shoe's sole and size is really good but the topline at the rear is very thin for a distance runner. A 5k run is fine with it, but I doubt with more than 5K.

Defective shoe

I bought this pair of shoe because I got hooked by the shiny logo which none of the other UA shoes seem to have. After a few days of waiting in excitement, I finally got the shoes. Then, the biggest disappointment hit me. One side of the shoes (right foot), has some sort of stain on the logo, which cannot be removed by any means. I am greatly disappointed because the logo is what make the shoe stood out. I did not return the shoe because the return procedure is too much trouble and time consuming. Now, I am left to wear a pair of UA shoe (the first I have bought from this website) that has some sort of defect when UA claims to have " quality assurance" and defective shoes are "extremely rare " cases. I guess I am just unlucky huh? I would be grateful if UA or any shoe lover would provide means to remove the stain after reading this post. .

  • Defective stain on UA logo.

5* running shoe

You will not be disappointed with this product. Great support and custom fit. Excellent arch support..

Best UA long Distance running yet

Best UA long distance running shoe so far. I ran my marathon in these and the shoes performed well. Great support, bounce/spring and stability. I like these way better than my Gemini1, gemini3 and bandit2. I have semi flat feet and these are perfect for me. UA needs to make more and different colors.

Painful Big Toes After a Few Minutes Using

My big toes hurt after a few minutes of using it. I thought that I bought the wrong size (9.5) but when I went to a store to check the bigger size (10), the bigger size doesn't really fit so I really got the correct size. It's just that the big toes, for some reason become painful after walking. I don't want to try to run with it because I fear I might be injured (I recently had one that's why I bought this one). Yes it is lightweight but I don't recommend it for prolonged use.

My perfect all around shoe!

I have had plenty of feet issues, this by far is my favorite shoe. It is more cushiony and more comfort on the entire foot for me. It is more comfortably than Gemini own 4 pair before I pirchssed Europa, now I own 5 pair. I use them now at work to walk on concrete from 25 years of working entirely on concrete slab, 7000 square' at work and gives me more quality working time verses any other brand. I was a brook guy but was the wrong shoe for me. I have spent $1000,s on shoes trying to find this exact shoe, please don't change it to much U/A.


I have bought several under armour shoes over the last few years, and finally found one that is truly worth the money. This shoe is great for my 10k runs and my pronated feet. I own several stability running shoes, and This one is on par with the best on the market. Thanks.


These are comfortable and definitely for the longer runs which is what they are designed for. I have used mine both outside and on the treadmill with no issues or fatigue. They are super comfortable and fitting with nothing to dig in. I like them but they are definitely a shoe you can use daily if you are a more than 5km runner.

Very Nice Stability Shoes

I had never bought a pair of Under Armor shoes before. These stability running shoes are exactly what I want in a pair of running shoes. They are very comfortable with lots of cushion, but also give the support I need.