Sepatu Lari UA Micro G® Assert 7 untuk Wanita

Gaya # 3020674
RP 539,400 RP 899,000
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Panduan Ukuran dan Fit
Karena keterbatasan jumlah, hanya 1.000 yang diizinkan per pelanggan.
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  • NETRAL: Untuk pelari yang memerlukan keseimbangan antara fleksibilitas dan bantalan
  • Bagian atas berbahan jala ringan yang memberikan ventilasi penuh
  • Lapisan berbahan kulit yang awet untuk stabilitas dan mengunci kaki tengah
  • Pelapis kaus kaki EVA memberikan rasa lembut dan nyaman saat sepatu dipakai
  • Busa sol tengah Micro G® satu potongan untuk kenyamanan terbaik
  • Sol luar karet padat menutup zona benturan tinggi agar lebih awet namun tetap ringan
  • Offset: 10 mm
  • Berat: 216 gram
  • Impor

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Have had these for about a year. They were good at first, however they were never broken in, as much as I wore them I was pretty shocked everytime that I went running and would come back with raw skin. I love the style and look, but the fit was not good long-term. It didn't break in, so I have had them in my closet the past 6 months.

Disappointed in the new quality of my favorite running shoe

I have bought and worn this shoe for about 2 years. Replacing them when they wear out. Never having trouble breaking them in. Of course, when my last pair started wearing down, the logical thing to do is replace them with the same shoe that has worked for me. Right off the bat, I could feel a difference in the shoe. Not as soft and pliable. The shoe is very stiff. The back of the shoe comes up higher and I developed my first blister in wearing this shoe. They added a cushion in the bottom of the shoe for your heal. Not sure if this added any comfort. Not sure if this is why the back of the shoe comes up higher? I wanted to give this shoe a chance, but after wearing it for 3 days and comparing it to my other experiences with the same shoe, I can't wear them.

Good shoe

I haven't ever tried Under Armour shoes before, but I really like these shoes! I do light running at the gym, and these have the support I was looking for.

Not the same

I ran my Micro G 5s into the ground because I loved them so much. They got me into running due to the great sole cushioning. When the treads on one side were worn down and there were holes in both Achilles areas, I gave in and ordered the 7s. I've been wearing them out to do errands for a week now to break them in, and I'm not sure they're the same shoe. I ordered the size 8 like my last ones, and after a few hours the pinkie toe on my larger foot was hurting. Perhaps it's just the sock, so I will try again. But they do seem to be smaller overall when I press the soles of my old ones up against the new ones. I would say order up another half size then get some inserts to adjust for the back of the foot. I think it may be a smaller toe box. Perhaps they'll stretch when I start to sweat in them. We'll see.


I've been running in the UA Assert running shoes for a few years. I started with the 5 and LOVED the 6. The new shoe, the Assert 7, is not good. It fits completely different and took much longer to adjust my foot to the new fit and feel of the shoe. Not ideal when training for a half marathon. I'm hoping there is an 8 model soon that is more like the previous versions or I will need to find a new shoe.

price range?

I thought the price is around 2,396.25? but when i click the image its 3195.00?

size slim

The size i got was 10 I wear 10s but these seem small to me they squeezed my feet...other than that they look and seem awesome!!!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Awesome shoes

I love these shoes. I'm on my feet for over 8 hours a day and these shoes are super comfortable [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Good Shoes..

I like these shoe, but am not in love with them. They feel very light on the feet and very supportive. The shoes unfortunately seem to take a very long time to break in compared to other UA shoes I purchased. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Very comfy

OverAll great shoe. Breathable and super light weight. Love them [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]