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Panduan Ukuran dan Fit
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If you're a distance runner, the UA HOVR™ Sonic will feel like a brand new running experience. As soon as your foot hits the pavement, you'll know why UA HOVR cushioning is such a game-changer: this shoe gives you a light and responsive ride, for mile after mile after mile. The breathable, structured knit on top locks your foot in, while a removable sockliner lets you customize your insole.
  • EDISI NON-CONNECTED: Sepatu ini tidak dilengkapi dengan UA's Record Sensor™ dan tidak akan dipasangkan ke ponsel Anda (Connected Edition tersedia di dan di UA Brand House)
  • Teknologi UA HOVR™ memberikan 'rasa gravitasi nol' untuk mempertahankan pengembalian energi yang membantu menghilangkan benturan langkah demi langkah
  • Energy Web jala kompresi menyimpan dan membentuk busa UA HOVR™ untuk mengembalikan energi yang Anda berikan
  • NETRAL: Untuk pelari yang membutuhkan keseimbangan antara fleksibilitas dan bantalan
  • Bagian atas rajutan lembut cepat kering dan memberikan rasa pas berventilasi seperti dikompresi yang memberikan kekuatan terarah yang ringan dan kenyamanan tiada tanding untuk membantu Anda menempuh jarak jauh
  • Panel kaki tengah yang berventilasi meningkatkan kemampuan bernapas
  • Konstruksi lidah sepatu yang unik dilekatkan ke telapak kaki dengan sayap penyangga lentur untuk mempertahankan rasa pas yang nyaman di seluruh kaki
  • Counter tumit luar TPU untuk penyangga dan struktur tambahan
  • Pelapis kaus kaki Ortholite® anti mikroba yang dapat dilepas mengikuti bentuk kaki untuk kenyamanan dan bantalan yang menyesuaikan dengan Anda
  • Karet tiup di bawah kaki depan ringan namun sangat responsif
  • Karet abrasi tinggi ditempatkan di bawah tumit untuk membantu meredam kontak dengan tanah
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Berat: 261 gram
  • Imported

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Prefect running shoes

Comfort when running in the hard road. But I don't know when running during the rain fall

It is comfortable with good cushioning.Ideal for Long distance running.A good buy and strongly recommended.

A good design shoe and fit very comfortably. It has good cushioning and lessen the impact on while on the run. No dislike at all but a wider range of Color will be perfect.

Awesome running shoes for flat ground and treadmills!

Awesome running shoes for flat ground and treadmills!

Serasa tidak memakai sepatu

Saat digunakan seakan seperti tidak memakai sepatu karena ringan dan begitu fleksibel melekat di kaki bahkan sampai tali sepatunya elastis. Bahan pelapis sepatu yg memiliki lubang ventilasi yang cukup banyak sehingga tidak panas menggunakannya. Bantalan sol sangat baik meredam pijakan, walau kalau kebetulan berpijak di daerah bebatuan, agak jadi terlalu lunak. Tetapi memuaskan menggunakannya. Terutama suka warna dan modelnya yang tidak terlalu menarik perhatian.

  • Teman seperjalanan yang setia.

Comfortable shoes but...

These shoes are very comfortable with wide front. Great for running and lots of traveling, Bought another pair with different color. The heel counter scratches easily (especially the inner side). Since these are made with TPU, the material peel off easily as well. Nevertheless, this is a good purchase!

UA Sizing is never the same

I have owned a few pairs of the bandits and LOVED them. I normally wear a 9.5 in other shoes but found I had to get a 10.5 in those. I was excited to get the HOVRs and got the same 10.5 that i had in the other shoes but it was too big. I exchanged for the 10 and knew they were a touch big but thought they would be fine. Unfortunately it seems they are a full size off from their other shoes because my toe is making the fabric distort on the top of the shoe. I've also tried other shoes by UA and the sizing seems to be all over the place. It makes it difficult to buy their shoes without trying on 3 different sizes and has kept me from ordering some of the other lines (Project Rock). Overall, they are comfortable and breath very well but don't trust them for long runs due to the sizing.

Shoes are very comfortable

I've had a couple foot surgeries, so a lot of shoes are uncomfortable. These were a little stiff at first, but once they broke in it was very comfortable. I use them for cardio, workouts and just running around. I'd definitely recommend them.

hove sonic

My second pairs of under Armour shoes, definitely more to come. First pair I bought is slinglex which really good in both design and comfortably. Finaly I got another UA shoes which is hovr sonic. Buying this for the sake of incoming marathon run.

Great shoe with even greater potential.

I picked up a pair of Sonic's in the later stages of training for my first marathon. I was cycling through a pair of Apollo 2's and Gemini 3's but with the increased milage I was afraid they wouldn't make it to race day. I was very pleased with the initial feel of the Hovr Sonics. It was a much softer ride than I was used to. Soft , but not squishy which was perfect for all the road miles I had in the heat of August. Fit was snug, but comfortable. No blisters or hotspots and I was using these mostly on long runs so they we're tested early and often. Two points that, while still content with, could improve are 1: They lost that responsiveness a little earlier in the run than I'd hoped. Perfect for a half marathon, but after around 25k, there was little bounce back left. It would return after a day off, but still, I'd have loved that feel right through the 42.2k I ran. 2: durability was acceptable, but I saw pretty noticable wear on the forefoot treds (strange, as I'm a midfoot striker) after less than 200k. I've put another 200k on and the treads are still holding up but I was worried early on. Over all I loved these shoes and would suggest them to any runner as long as they are part of a few pairs, or for lower milage training and runs.

Excellent Shoe

Hands down one of the best running shoes on the market. The shoe performs very well both running and simply working out. Although marketed as a running shoe it can be used for dual purpose.