Sepatu Lari UA HOVR Phantom untuk Wanita

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Panduan Ukuran dan Fit
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Point blank: you've never felt a shoe like this before. It’s literally like wrapping your foot in a pillow—but one that’s so super-light that you forget it’s there. It’s comfort that comes from the anatomically designed, molded interior, the super-plush knit collar, and the layers of plush material that envelop your foot. Simply put, the second you step into the UA HOVR™ Phantom, you'll know why we call it a whole new running experience.
  • EDISI NON-CONNECTED: Sepatu ini tidak dilengkapi dengan UA's Record Sensor™ dan tidak dapat dipasangkan ke telepon Anda (Edisi Connected tersedia di dan UA Brand House)
  • Teknologi UA HOVR™ memberikan 'rasa gravitasi nol' untuk menjaga pengembalian energi yang membantu menghilangkan dampak langkah demi langkah
  • Jaring kompresi Energy Web berisi dan mencetak busa UA HOVR™ untuk mengembalikan energi yang Anda berikan
  • NETRAL: Untuk pelari yang membutuhkan keseimbangan antara fleksibilitas dan bantalan
  • Bagian atas berbahan rajut cepat kering dan memberikan rasa pas berventilasi seperti kompresi yang menghadirkan kekuatan terarah yang ringan dan kenyamanan tiada banding
  • Panel kaki tengah yang dicetak 3D dengan perforasi laser untuk ventilasi yang lebih baik
  • Collar mata kaki berbahan rajut memberikan rasa pas seperti boot mata kaki yang nyaman
  • Penahan tumit eksternal menciptakan penyangga stabil terbaik
  • Pelapis kaus kaki SpeedForm® 2.0 yang berventilasi sangat baik diterapkan ke sepatu dengan kontur spesifik gender untuk perlindungan ekstra dan penyangga bawah kaki yang lebih empuk
  • Sol luar karet memiliki tekstur menonjol yang unik untuk traksi dan daya tahan yang tinggi
  • Offset: 8 mm ⏎ Berat: 248 gramUKURAN: Untuk rasa pas terbaik, kami menyarankan untuk memilih setengah ukuran lebih besar
  • Imported

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Great shoes, love it so much!

Ukuran sepatu lbh kecil daripada ukuran yang biasa saya pakai. Untung sdh baca2 review, jadi saya membeli sepatu dengan ukuran 1 size lbh besar. Great shoes! And i love it so much

Poor soles grip. Prone to slips on wet floors

The rubber soles are very prone to slip when walking on wet floor. Encountered on many occasions when wearing this pair of shoes. Slipped once but luckily managed to grab on door handle. Had many near miss fall whenever the floor is slight well.

Comfy walking shoe or all day shoe

I bought the Phantom shoe together with the Sonic shoe and tried them both out for running and all day wear (walking and standing all day). Personally the Phantom excelled in being an all day shoe, good for people standing and walking the whole day. They are super comfortable and breathable. My negative comment is that I find them to be too bulky for running. I guess it's because the heel portion protrudes out. You don't really feel it, but it does somehow make the shoe less snappy. Also, the shoe runs small.. I read a lot of reviews before buying and some people said to buy the shoe 1 full size up while others recommended half size up. I went ahead and bought a full size up and bought a size 9, when I bought my Sonic in size 8. The sonic was true to size, and the Phantom did run small. However, I think i could have done fine in a half size up. I highly recommend you actually try on the shoe at the store before purchasing online, because that's the only way you'll know! Finally, make sure not to wear socks below the ankle because the garter can cause chafing on your ankle. Otherwise, this is the perfect and most comfy all day shoe you will own!

Good Running Shoe

I was very excited to get these shoes for running. At first I had a bit of a struggle getting them on but once I figure out to slide my toes in first, then bring up the back they were quite easy. I ordered a 1/2 size up and they fit great for running. They are very comfortable with no rubbing, no blisters, no runners toe issues. My only complaint would be not enough arch support. If you like a shoe with an arch these are not the shoes for you.

Too small!!

Reccomend going up a full size. I ordered a half size up and it was too small, had a hard time putting the shoes on. Now I have to return and reorder a full size up.

Order at least a half size larger

I typically wear a 9 in tennis shoes. Based on my other pair of UA tennis shoes I decided to order a 9.5 for these... I wish I would have ordered a 10. I didn’t realize the fit wasn’t perfect until I wore them for a long period, which meant I had already worn them outside. Otherwise, the sole is amazingly comfortable. Not sure how I feel about the sock type around the ankle yet. Super cute & have gotten so many comments on them already!

My fav

My favorite shoes. I always use more than other shoes that i have.

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Glad I Purchased These

They do run small so it's a good idea to order 1-2 sizes up. They can be difficult to put on probably because I have high arches; I've found it's easier with thinner socks. But once they're on my feet, they're super comfortable and provide great support! Compared to my other sneakers I feel more 'pep in my step' with these. I primarily wear them for work and I'm constantly on my feet running around, and have felt less fatigued since using these. Not to mention they're super cute! I ordered them in the baja/ivory option. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Good luck getting them on

This shoe is like trying to put on an elastic glove. It's just ridiculous trying to get your foot in them.

Very Comfortable

Love these shoes for all occasions. I am able to wear them to work and they are the most comfortable pair I have for standing long periods of time. I have not run in them too much, but when I have they performed well and had a nice cushion.