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Sepatu Lari UA HOVR™ Phantom SE MD untuk Pria

Gaya # 3022275
RP 2,599,000
Tinggi: Ukuran:
    • Warna: Gray (100)
  • Ketersediaan: 

    Stok Tersedia

  • Ketersediaan: 

    Stok Tersedia

Panduan Ukuran dan Fit
Karena keterbatasan jumlah, hanya 1.000 yang diizinkan per pelanggan.
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Titik nol: Anda pasti belum pernah merasakan sepatu seperti ini. Benar-benar membungkus kaki Anda dengan sangat lembut—tetapi begitu ringan sehingga terasa seperti Anda tidak memakai sepatu. Rasa nyaman dari desain yang sesuai anatomi, bagian dalam yang dicetak, collar kain rajutan supermewah, dan lapisan bahan mewah yang membungkus kaki Anda.
  • NETRAL: Bagi pelari yang membutuhkan fleksibilitas, bantalan, dan keserbagunaan
  • TERHUBUNG SECARA DIGITAL: Teknologi Record Sensor™ UA melacak, menganalisis, dan menyimpan hampir setiap metrik lari sehingga Anda tahu persis apa yang Anda butuhkan untuk menjadi lebih baik
  • Teknologi UA HOVR™ memberikan 'rasa gravitasi nol' untuk menjaga pengembalian energi yang membantu menghilangkan benturan langkah demi langkah
  • Jala kompresi Energy Web menyimpan dan membentuk busa UA HOVR™ untuk mengembalikan energi yang Anda berikan
  • Bagian atas rajutan lilit yang meregang nyaman, stabil, dan memberikan rasa pas seperti kaos kaki yang tahan lama
  • Panel kaki tengah yang dicetak 3D dengan perforasi laser untuk ventilasi yang lebih baik dan rasa pas yang aman
  • Penahan tumit eksternal menciptakan penyangga stabil terbaik
  • Pelapis kaos kaki SpeedForm® 2.0 yang berventilasi sangat baik diterapkan ke sepatu dengan kontur spesifik gender untuk perlindungan ekstra dan penyangga bawah kaki yang lebih empuk
  • Sol luar karet memiliki tekstur menonjol yang unik untuk traksi dan daya tahan yang tinggi
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Berat: 300,5 gram
  • Imported

    UA HOVR™ foam + mesh Energy Web
    helps eliminate impact and gives back
    the energy you put into every step.

  • 360° COMFORT

    Bike chamois-inspired Speedform® 2.0
    sockliner and all-around cushioning for a plush feel.


    This is not your average running shoe—it feels plush
    and comfortable but looks sleek, fast, and aerodynamic.

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Best Design

I shoes fit really well. I love the design and overall performance is great.

Does not meet the hype

I was very excited to get these shoes to run in. Once i got them, they were extremely small compared to my size. Then after having them for a month, the seams on the soles began to break. SO i paid a premium for shoes that break after a month of training. With races coming up i cant afford to wait for a new pair. I do not recommend these shoes.

Unbelievable shoe, I should have listened to a review on read on here.

I read a review that said buy a full size larger than what you normally wear. And thought I'd write a review to back so its not the only review saying that! The shoe itself is amazing, fits like a sock, that feels like you can run on nails (do not) with so much cushion. 10/10 would recommend, make sure you purchase a full size larger. Love, from a customer who just exchanged a 10.5 for 11.5

Worth. Every. Penny.

First, I followed the other reviewers advice. I got a half size bigger than normal. Upon arrival, I didn’t know there was shoes in the box! These baby’s are CRAZY light weight. They are absolutely beautiful, too. The phantoms do fit snug around the ankle with that extra ‘sock’ part on the top. Adds a nice little support. They aren’t ‘hard’ to get on, but you definitely can’t just slide your foot in with out a little coaxing from your hands. I have yet to take them out on the pavement, but I have put about 20 miles on the treadmil. The first run was only a couple miles, felt great. Second run I wore non running socks and I ran for about 4-5 miles and it rubbed a spot on my foot. Do attribute that to the ‘breaking’ in of the shoes, or to the non running socks? Who knows. But I can tell you I havnt wore running socks again, just regular ol socks and they have been an absolute privilege to run in. Comfortable, cushiony yet responsive, my knees don’t feel the impact they normally do, and seem to be breathable. Overall, a very great purchase, and I’m totally satisfied. I hope these shoes carry me through my first half this October.

Best Running Shoes Yet!

I just bought these a week ago and I love them. They are light and the HOVR tech is insane. It's as if I'm running or walking on pillows and I love them. I usually get the SC30 shoes from UA but when these came out I knew I had to get a pair. They are really nice and they are certainly worth the price. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

Fit true to size

I thought these shoes ran small until I tried 1/2 size up. My normal UA shoe size definitely fit best. I think this shoe is supposed to have a locked in compression fit that people just aren't used to. They are definitely hard to put on because the opening doesn't give like the first Phantom but once on they're super comfortable and I haven't experienced any of the chafing issues I had with the original. Note, I wear thin no show socks. If you wear a cushioned crew sock, go up 1/2 size. The black and orange looks awesome and makes an impression, I received a complement the first time I wore them and a stranger at the gym asked me about them a week after only wearing them once while I waited for the 1/2 size up to arrive in the mail.

This sneaker is awesome !!!

This sneaker is feather light and syncs easily with the apps from UA to give you great data. I'm not joe marathoner or anything but so far the sneaker is sweet. Just hope it holds up and the tread lasts as its a little thin on the bottom.

Great running shoes

Good looking, reasonable price and UA MapMyRun, my favorite running and walking shoes till now.

It looks great

The tongue on these are fixed so it is very difficult to get your foot inside and they fit tight.I purchased a 1/2 size larger after reading comments and they were to small, I recommend to go 1 full size larger.

Runs small, but no other complaints.

The shoe is overall a great model, looks sleek, feels really good on foot. However, The new construction of the bootie is very very hard to get your foot into, and I even went up a half size. Once you've scratched your finger trying to shove your heel into the shoe, it feels really good. I get a perfect one-to-one fit, even without the laces tightened. There's a nice heel pillow in there that cushions your Achilles area and also helps with the snug fit (in a good way this time). The shoe is IDENTICAL to the first HOVR Phantom from the midsole down, with the exception that translucent rubber is used on this pair. As such, traction can at times be questionable, especially in wet conditions. The upper looks more like a mesh than a knit (they say it's a knit in the description), but it is nevertheless soft and plush. I'd definitely recommend the product as it is comfortable and really good looking, I've gotten countless looks just walking around. Do remember to go up at least 1/2 a size so your feet don't complain!