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Panduan Ukuran dan Fit
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Ketika kami mulai mengembangkan sepatu lari netral terbaik, kami bertanya kepada pelari jarak jauh tentang apa yang mereka butuhkan. Jawaban mereka: bantalan, pantulan, daya tahan, dan efisiensi. Langsung saja kami mempersembahkan sepatu super lembut UA HOVR™ Infinite. Cocok untuk segala hal mulai dari lari jarak jauh hingga jarak tempuh standar, dan bahkan untuk hari-hari latihan pemulihan. Setelah Anda mengenakannya, Anda akan langsung merasa dapat berlari selamanya.
  • PEMENANG: Runner's World "Recommended" Award tahun 2019
  • NETRAL: Bagi pelari yang membutuhkan fleksibilitas, bantalan, dan keserbagunaan
  • TERHUBUNG SECARA DIGITAL: Teknologi Record Sensor™ UA melacak, menganalisis, dan menyimpan hampir setiap metrik lari sehingga Anda tahu persis apa yang Anda butuhkan untuk menjadi lebih baik
  • Teknologi UA HOVR™ memberikan 'rasa gravitasi nol' untuk menjaga pengembalian energi yang membantu menghilangkan benturan langkah demi langkah
  • Jala kompresi Energy Web menyimpan dan membentuk busa UA HOVR™ untuk mengembalikan energi yang Anda berikan
  • Bagian atas dari jala yang direkayasa sangat ringan dan berventilasi, dengan penyangga strategis di tempat Anda membutuhkannya
  • Counter tumit internal untuk penyangga tambahan yang menjaga bagian belakang kaki agar tetap di tempatnya
  • Pelapis kaos kaki EVA die-cut panjang standar mencengkeram kaki, menghilangkan selip, dan memberikan kenyamanan yang ideal di kaki bawah
  • Sol tengah EVA memberikan bantalan luar biasa dan rasa yang responsif
  • Lekuk fleks dalam yang ditempatkan sesuai anatomi menawarkan fleksibilitas yang tepat di area penting
  • Sol luar karet padat melindungi zona benturan tinggi untuk ketahanan yang lebih baik dengan bobot lebih ringan
  • Pod traksi dari karet karbon yang ditempatkan secara strategis di bawah tumit pada sol luar memberikan traksi dan daya tahan lebih di zona benturan tinggi
  • Daya pantul 360° untuk meningkatkan visibilitas saat berlari di dalam kondisi kurang cahaya
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Berat: 305 gram
  • Diimpor

    UA HOVR™ foam + mesh Energy Web
    helps eliminate impact and gives back
    the energy you put into every step.


    Deep flex grooves and a stable
    platform keeps the ride soft
    and smooth, mile after mile.


    Gender-specific fit has comfort and support
    right where women and men need it,
    based on anatomical differences.

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Still wanting to like them...

This is my second pair of UA running shoes. I had a pair of Gemini 2s and loved them. I was hoping these would be the same. After 3 runs in them my feet are hurting less. So I will consider it just taking time to break them in. I do feel like there is too much foam sole. I kind of wish I had a chance to try running in something else.

Great Fit, Awesome pair of shoes

I really likes these, I bought 2 pairs of the same shoe, different colors. They fit very well, are very comfortable and very light. The only thing is they don’t have very good arch support, according to my doctor. To fix this, I purchased insoles that provide better arch support and problem fixed. Overall, an excellent pair of shoes. I highly recommend.

High Comfort - They do not disappoint

Took about 2 wearings to get broken in. Great fit and performance.

Love these a lot.

I've been a huge and loyal fan of another brand. But since they're pricing is absurd for shoes with similar and in some instances less equipped ( not talking about the bluetooth. Just the aspects of the shoe alone) I decided to try these. I love these shoes a lot. Feels really comfortable and supports my feet very well. I have corns and even wearing for a whole day my feet don't hurt at all. The rear support to prevent the foot from coming out is superb. I don't have to tighten the laces a lot and my feet stay in place. This reduces strain on the top of my feet which has been a problem for me with other shoes. It's brilliantly engineered by people who actually run and understand the core needs of a runner. I can't praise enough about these shoes. It really comes to it's own when running more than walking. My shoes already have 280 km in them and still no lack of support. Love these a lot. One complain is the thread wear is a bit higher than the other brand. Yet the grip is way more. Even on rainy days it grips on paved, concrete or on grassy surfaces. Dries quickly and my feet don't sweat too much either. Being fat these support me very well and the hovr is still returning energy to me like it's new. The laces are great too. I dont have to double knot them at all. Tie them down and they stay like that all through the day. Just absolutely brilliant. ( unlike the other brand I loved) Not the best to be used while driving. Pedal feel is not the best due to the cushioning. Not bad but be careful when new cause the cushioning gives a bad feedback specially on the brake pedal. Need to get used to that a bit. My advice when buying is buy your own size. I'm UK 10 and even though UA say to get half size bigger I got the UK 10. It was tight a bit for about 2 hours of wearing. Then it settled to my feet and they hug nicely. Two hours of running for the shoes to settle is more than great. It wasn't uncomfortable at all. Just my little toe struck the edge lightly. Just annoying that's all. Wear them and walk around to break them in, you should be good to go. Wear them and try them out in the shop. Run around a bit. If it's too tight then switch to half size more as recommended. If not then stick to your size. The bluetooth mapping of my runs is great. Tracks very well. Also it saves data so I dont have to have my phone connected while running. After running and syncing it does not miss a beat. If connected while running you get all the details live and accurately. Kudos to the engineers who designed these. You guys have really thought about everything. I got a set of guardians as well. Love them too. Will review after running for sometime more. Please keep up the great work and keep pricing reasonable and these will surpass others very soon. For the purpose these shoes are built it's amazing. Properly thought out, well engineered and well put together. Simply amazing pair of shoes.

  • UA hovr infinite after 280 km. Love these a lot.

Infinites to tight

I have sonic 2 and love em. Thought I’d try the new Infinite. For me, they’re not good. Tight toe box and upper squeezed my foot and toes. And, oddly, when I ran down hill my feet slide all the way forward bending my toes into the shoe. All of this caused toe cramps by mile 4. My feet are average size 10. I buy size 10 1/2 and I ran on same course I run frequently for best comparison. Maybe good for some, just not for me.

My running buddy

I bought UA HOVR running sneakers.lately. It gives me perfect comfort and enhances my athletic moves.Its weight is so light and the external bottom gives enough traction that helps me control my lower extremity strength and speed.

Perfect Fit Right Out Of The Box

Just received my UA HOVR Infinite's today. Absolute perfect fit right out of the box. No break in period necessary. Great look. Great feel. Toe box just the right amount of room. Heel counter just snug enough. Breathable uppers. To say the least, these won't be my only pair of HOVR Infinite's!

Great Half Marathon Shoe

Ran in these for the second half of my half marathon training cycle and had great results. Very comfortable with a great amount of spring and response and are lighter than they might look

Great running shoe

Very happy with this shoe. Had the Sonics before and have enjoyed the increase in cushioning on the sole.

great comfort, shock absorption and stability control

Coming back from a nasty injury, I had to look for a very comfortable shoe with high stability. This shoe really lives up to my expectations. Provides the shock absorption I need. Feels lightweight and certainly looks great. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]