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Sepatu Lari UA Charged Rogue untuk Pria

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RP 1,199,250 RP 1,599,000
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Sepatu Lari UA Charged Rogue untuk Pria

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  • NETRAL: Bagi pelari yang membutuhkan fleksibilitas, bantalan, dan keserbagunaan
  • Bagian atas dari jala yang direkayasa sangat ringan dan berventilasi, dengan penyangga strategis di tempat Anda membutuhkannya
  • Counter tumit luar yang ringan untuk penyangga tambahan yang menjaga bagian belakang kaki tetap pada tempatnya
  • Sol tengah Charged Cushioning® menggunakan busa cetak kompresi untuk responsivitas dan daya tahan lebih tinggi, memberikan bantalan dan pengembalian energi optimal
  • Sockliner yang nyaman dan dapat dilepas memberikan langkah yang nyaman dan responsif
  • Sol luar karet solid menutup zona tekanan tinggi agar lebih awet namun tetap ringan
  • Daya pantul 360° untuk visibilitas yang lebih baik saat berlari dalam kondisi kurang cahaya
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Berat: 269,32 gram
  • Diimpor

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Best shoes

My husband loves these shoes. I had to order him 2 pairs this time just to get him to throw away the old pair that had torn after 2 years.

Light and comfortable

Title says is all. They're very light, very comfortable.

Rogue Running Shoes

Fits well. Comfortable and durable, good work out shoe.


Best shoe I had in a longtime, will be my main shoes from now on !!

Very satisfied with this purchase...

I ordered this for my son as an extra pair of shoes for school. He likes it so much, ended using this everyday. Fits nicely and very comfortable.

Reasonable price range

26Aug19,I bought this product series at Central Westgate, Thailand. Since I have a budget so I chose this one as a staff recommended. I had tried 3 series, charged rogue, Europa2, and Hovr Infinite. The most comfy one and feel like wearing nothing is absolutely goes to Hovr, Europa is the most recommended and it is all fit with price range, performance, and comfortness. But if you want something economical, Charged Rogue is the best option when compared to other brands.

Took a chance

My first UA shoe purchase. And online no less. Very good price and a good looking shoe. Took a chance on getting a good pair of shoes for a good price or a cheap pair of shoes. Very happy with my purchase. Great fit. Very comfortable. Seem to provide a bit of a bounce to my steps. Will be looking for my next opportunity to buy UA.

Decent attempt at 4E shoes

Sadly, the fit is uncomfortable compared to other brands who make 4E width shoes. I doubt the fabric will keep together beyond a year if worn daily. They were on cheaper side, so you get what you paid for.

More Stablity than the UA Micro G® Pursuit, look good too.

I have the 11 4E UA Charged Rogue Wide 4E Running ShoesI wear a 10.5 4E in another brand that is known for making wide width shoes, for comparison. The shoes are comfortable and more stable (not motion control) than the Micro G Pursuit 4E, which I also own. I also wear 3/4 length orthotics, and the shoe accomodates the fit well. They are comfortable, but not cushiony. I wear mine for walking/and bike cardio, and usually on non-leg days. They worked well for me on goblet squats, but I'm not sure that I would wear them for a back squat with heavy weights. I have never used them for a long run or on a treadmill, so I can't vouch for that, but they seem good for non-trail runs.

Nailed it, UA!

Finally getting away from runners that wouldn't have enough side support to risk doing any agility drills or other training protocols than running a straight line on the treadmill. This is a VERSATILE shoe that is comfortable and performs excellently. Good job, UA!