Sepatu Lari UA Charged Bandit 3 Ombre untuk Pria

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Sepatu Lari UA Charged Bandit 3 Ombre untuk Pria
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Sepatu Lari UA Charged Bandit 3 Ombre untuk Pria

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  • NETRAL: Untuk pelari yang membutuhkan keseimbangan antara fleksibilitas dan bantalan
  • Konstruksi UA SpeedForm® yang inovatif mengikuti bentuk kaki untuk rasa pas yang presisi, menghilangkan semua gangguan
  • Bagian atas seluruhnya berbahan rajutan memberikan penyangga fleksibel dan rasa pas sepenuhnya
  • Counter tumit luar yang tidak bergeser untuk penyangga tambahan yang mengunci belakang kaki agar tidak bergeser
  • Pelapis kaus kaki EVA yang dicetak agar nyaman dipakai dan responsif
  • Sol tengah Charged Cushioning® menggunakan busa cetak kompresi agar lebih responsif dan lebih awet, memberikan bantalan dan pengembalian energi yang optimal
  • Sol luar karet padat mencakup zona benturan tinggi agar lebih awet dan lebih ringan
  • Alur fleksibel yang ditempatkan sesuai anatomi kaki menghadirkan fleksibilitas yang tepat di area penting
  • Offset: 8 mm
  • Berat: 242g
  • Imported

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UA Charged Ombre

These shoes fit to size and like a glove. Nice looking. They are light but do not provide much support, but that is not a problem for me. Overall I am satisfied with these shoes. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Bandit 3 is Good choice

-Bandit 3 Looking Really good, Good Performance fit and comfort.I feel power on my pace. Push me up forward.Cushion on heel and middle foot it feel good. Feel comfort and fit on my toe -Like outsole rubber balance when change direction, Seize with ground but Bad and Dislike too,because slippery with wet and ceramic tile surface - Good choice For Running shoe

Very comfortable

Very comfortable shoe that fits true to size. I can wear these all day standing on my feet and they still feel comfortable at the end of the day. Also really like the unique designs. Good purchase overall [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

This product has good features

I love the design for this shoe. Great color way. Nice material as well [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

They are okay

They wear down pretty fast especially the vented fabric which is very brittle [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great Shoe

Fits all my needs. Comfortable flexible and durable [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Nice shoe for quick weekday runs but not in the wet

1. 20% lighter than average for comparable shoes 2. Cushioned midsole but not overly soft 3. Need to size up half a size 4. Neutral with 8mm heel to toe drop 5. Pricing is about average to comparable shoes Did 16km, 3km, 3km and 6km runs 1. After my 16km run, my socks were wet with sweat 2. No hotspots on the soles of my feet 3. Upper fit was good 4. Changing paces was easy 5. Slippery on wet surfaces (scary too) 6. Cushioning at heel and midfoot feels consistent. 1. The overall shoe is nice and fits well, but I had to take a half size bigger. It wrapped around my feet nicely. 2.UA claims the upper is circular knit, but on this Ombre version it feels more like plasticky closed mesh. It is not soft as expected but good in that it maintains its form, does not get wet, and the lacing system gives a good fit. 3. The inner of the upper does not have padding, but is still soft to the touch. This gives a nice consistent fit. After a wet run, I stuffed it with old newspaper and it dried out nicely. But I dont think I would run in this for more than 2 hours, when the feet starts to expand. 4. The insole is thin and does not provide additional cushioning. UA claims it has microbial properties, but my shoe still stinks after a wet run. Maybe if it dries out completely, the smell will improve. 5. UA uses its Charged cushioning foam which is just nice. The cushion feel is consistent on the heel and midfoot. It does not flex too much which is good. It uses outsole inserts that is durable. 6. The outsoles uses some form of synthetic rubber which is supposed to be durable. The problem is that it is hard and not sticky, meaning it becomes slippery on wet surfaces. 7. My 16.6km run in the shoes went well and I improved on my 15km and 10miles times. Because it was light and cushioned just right I could vary my pace and my muscles did not feel it was totally drained of energy. 8. Did a 6km jog today. After 3km it felt less cushioned.

  • Under Armour Charged Bandit 3 Ombre

Charged bandit

Typically i love under armour and always wear UA shoes. This pear though hasn't lived up to other UA shoes. The souls are peeling off, and not a great shoe shoe work/ constantly walking all the time. Probably recommend diiferent pair of UA shoes. Still loyal to UA but i know they put out better products than these shoes i ordered.