Sepatu Golf Spieth 2 UA Pria

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Sepatu Golf Spieth 2 UA Pria
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Sepatu Golf Spieth 2 UA Pria

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Dibuat berdasarkan informasi langsung dari juara dunia 3 kali, Jordan Spieth, kenalkan, UA Spieth 2. Saat membuat sepatu khasnya yang pertama, kami menambahkan konstruksi GORE-TEX® untuk konstruksi yang 100% tahan air. Kami juga menggunakan kulit baru yang lebih lembut dan bagian atas yang dijahit sempurna menggunakan serat TPU yang luar biasa kuat, namun ringan, untuk memastikan Anda bergerak lebih baik dari sebelumnya.
  • Bagian atas UA yang dijahit sempurna memberikan dukungan ringan yang luar biasa
  • Kulit serat mikro Clarino® untuk tambahan ketahanan & dukungan
  • Sistem tali terpadu agar terikat dengan kencang
  • Konstruksi GORE-TEX® 100% tahan air, tetapi tetap adem
  • Garansi Tahan Air Terbatas 2 Tahun
  • Bantalan kaki EVA yang bisa dilepas memberikan kenyamanan premium untuk bagian bawah kaki
  • Lonjakan Ketahanan Rotasi (RST) UA untuk daya tarik kuncian
  • Sol luar TPU dengan sol tengah EVA yang ringan untuk bantalan responsif setiap kali melangkah
  • Berat: 408 gram
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Spikes goner

The grip was top of the line, but the spikes were on the other side. How come its always lost Everytime I use it, even lost one of it at the first 18

Good looking but....

Unfortunately only been able to played 2 rounds of golf with Spieth 2 shoes due to one of the spikes on my left foot is broke. Seems that this is quite common problem with the shoes.

Great for one time use

These golf shoes are not durable at all. The cleats continue to fall out even after being replaced once. Defective shoes?

One of the best pair I've ever owned!

Bought these based on looks alone. I'd tried on other UA Golf shoes before but, didn't like the fit. These are PERFECT! 1st pair of UA Golf shoes I've purchased (I've always worn Adidas) and have to say I'm completely pleased! The fit, right outta the box, was spectacular. The comfort and performance is unmatched! I bought these in black and they look AWESOME! Guess I gotta get em in white... Under Armour, you've got a bona fide winner here!

Love these shoes!!

The way these fit is amazing. 1st pair of golf shoes I have ever owned, but I have worn many UA shoes before. Absolutely cannot wait to try these out in Hawaii!!

Poor Quality

I would not recommend this product to anyone. This is my 3rd pair of Spieth spikes. Bought the first generation model and lost the two outside spikes on my lead foot the first time I wore them. I got UA to replace them and the new pair lost the same two spikes in the first week, so I went a different route. Told myself I wouldn’t but decided to give the next generation Spieth 2 models a shot to see if they fixed the problem. Again, the very first time I wore them they lost the same spikes. Also after walking without a spike in the shoe the plastic slot gets damaged and will not accept a replacement spike. This is very disappointing and frustrating that for the price of this shoe you can’t even get 18 holes out of them.

Product runs small, negatively affects overall performance

This product looks great at first glance, it does run small and that negatively affects the overall performance in regards to not feeling comfortable towards the back 9.

Very uncomfortable

Very difficult to walk correctly after 18 holes with that in your feet! Need a better shoe sole.

Nice shoe with good traction

My 2nd pair of Spieths, had the Spieth 1s and these are much nicer. Feet stayed dry in very wet conditions and the shoes held their grip in the ground. Only got rid of the JS1s due to a malfunction in the rotational spike but so far so good. Highly recommend. They will fit a bit tight right away but after 2 walking rounds they are pretty much broken in.

Best shoes ever!

these are my 2nd pair of UA shoes, the first pair being the 1st generation model. I now have the Speith2 model, and I am extremely happy with them. I've worn them for two rounds of golf and two long practice sessions at the range, and they still look better than great! Normally, you might expect scuffs, wrinkles or the leather to be at least have a few scratches, but the shoes look practically new. Performance-wise, the cleats have really shown to be grippy even in wet conditions. But what I'm really happy about is the fit. Usually, my feet are tired and achy after a round, but these shoes fit so well and are so comfortable, I am now thinking to buy another pair in a different color! Congratulations UA! I'm a very satisfied customer!