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Sepatu Boot UA Stellar Tactical untuk Pria

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RP 1,899,000
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Panduan Ukuran dan Fit
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DNA Produk

  • Bagian atas berbahan kulit samak DWR & tekstil nilon 900D
  • Ujung sepatu dapat disemir
  • Desain minimalis cepat kering
  • Teknologi antibau diterapkan pada cetakan pelapis kaus kaki Ortholite® untuk mencegah pertumbuhan mikroba penyebab bau
  • Sol tengah cetakan EVA dengan batang TPU yang diperkuat untuk perlindungan & penyangga
  • Sol karet model rendah
  • Berat: 470 gram.
  • Tinggi: 20 cm
  • Impor


Inilah yang membuat perlengkapan kami memiliki performa yang lebih baik—dan lebih cerdas—dibanding yang lain.


Saat matahari sedang terik, kain biasa akan memanas dengan cepat dan Anda lebih cepat berkeringat, kelelahan, & kehilangan fokus.

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Very nice

It is so very Comfortable to wear. I use this daily on my routine. I don’t need to limit my works because the pair is durable.

  • Comfy. 2 thumbs up

Purchased for winter use

I purchased these boots only because I wanted a Waterproof shoe for winter use. After wearing these for a couple of weeks I'm pretty amazed at the flexibility of its use. I can wear these just about anywhere. They're incredibly light but strong. I can wear these to the gym if I really wanted to but also walk in the snow. It has better grip on ice too. Now with summer on its way I hope to ride my motorcycle with these boots. I think these boots are the perfect all rounder.

Great boot

I bought a pair for my police academy and they are the best pair of boots that I have bought. They are extremely comfortable. They survived everything the academy threw at them and more.

Comfortable, but hard to get on & off

I read reviews, some of which said "hard to get on and off," and bought them. Those reviews are right. I've worn these at least three times a week for three months, and they are finally breaking-in a little. I still have to loosen the laces beyond the ankle turn to pull them on and off. I still like them: comfortable for a full day of wearing and walking. Next pair I'll opt for the same type, except with size-zip option.

Dam good boots

These boots, man i wish we had these when i was in the army .They dry fast and you can really run in them.

Super uncomfortable

Third day wearing them and I can't stand the pain. The insole is super hard and flat. Even after puting my own insole it keeps hurting me. The only thing that I'm glad about is the width. The 2E fits perfect on wide feet like mine. They are stylish, but the leather seem so cheap. I'm a security guard and I'm stading for 8 hours straight. After the first 2 hours it starts hurting me to the point that I'm just counting down every minute so, I can take them off. 3 stars just because some people think they're great. Therefore, every case is different


Decent enough quality I guess. Bought these off order form in fire station without trying them on. HORRIBLE in terms of putting them on. Darn near impossible to get these suckers on in a quick manner. I'm not talking a slight delay. I'm talking about still trying to squeeze into them when guys are walking out of the dorm. Perhaps a decent boot if you are wearing them without off/on throughout day. Firefighters? Avoid avoid avoid

Perhaps the best tactical boots out there.

I work as a Loss Prevention Officer and have to be on my feet all day. They are super comfortable and provide incredible support when I am in a foot chase. I can run really fast when I am wearing them. They also look very presentable as it's all black and polishable. It fits great for my role. Will definitely be buying multiple pairs. Highly recommended.

Overall great boots

I use these boots for police explorers for over a year and they have treated me well. They fit tight like a good boot should and are easy to take on and off if you take the time to loosen the laces enough. These boots have held up to every thing from traffic duty to a mud run/obstacle course.

Very hard to get on!

I typically have no problem with UA boots and find most very comfortable. These are almost impossible to get on and a dread having to wrestle with them every morning before work. If you want these boots get the side zip version. These also have the worst laces I’ve ever used in a duty boot. They started to tear after the first week and are way too thin. I would not buy these again.