Sepatu Boot UA Stellar Tactical Side-Zip untuk Pria

Gaya # 1303129
RP 1,999,000
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Panduan Ukuran dan Fit
Karena keterbatasan jumlah, hanya 1.000 yang diizinkan per pelanggan.
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Tampilan Alternatif

DNA Produk

  • Produk UA Storm menggunakan lapisan permukaan DWR untuk menolak air tanpa mengorbankan ventilasi
  • Kombinasi kulit dan kain nilon 900D untuk bagian atas yang lembut dan ringan
  • Ritsleting agak ke samping agar mudah dipakai
  • Desain minimalis cepat kering dengan ujung sepatu yang dapat disemir
  • Sol tengah cetakan EVA dengan batang TPU yang diperkuat untuk perlindungan dan penyangga
  • Sol luar karet traksi tinggi memberikan cengkeraman dan stabilitas di berbagai kondisi
  • Tinggi: 20,32 cm
  • Berat: 471 gram.
  • Impor

Ringkasan Ulasan

22 Ulasan

Great in Corrections work

This is my second pair and about to order me another pair. Working in corrections and walking on concrete most of the day this boot has the support along with the durability when running, water resistant and will not slip when wet. Very comfortable boot that is light weight and fits your foot like a glove. Very breathable and will keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. An over all excellent boot if your in law enforcement and I highly recommend it. This is the only boot I wear.

Not what i wanted

This is the problem with buying online. I thought they would work but they’re just not very comfortable. Now I’m stuck with them. They look great but just a bad fit for my feet.


I walk miles at work everyday. My feet no longer throb at the end of the day! Thank you UnderArmor!!

Wearing already, less than a week

I bought these boots for work as i am an EMT/Security Guard. I've already noticed the toe is wearing down. I've only worn them about 5 times, but i noticed it after the second time i wore them. These boots are pretty comfortable, which is the only reason I gave them 2 stars instead of 1

Shoes are Comfortable

Hi I bought this shoes on my friends recommendation and it has been Very good so far. I would recommend adding a gel form shoes pad as that will increase the sale of your product....

Good boot

Holds together much better than the valsetz. Wore them for over a year and they do the job just fine. No complaints other than it seems they're not re-stocking these boots which is unfortunate because for the price, these were pretty good. I would buy again if they re-stocked them.

Uncomfortable Fit

Wore these boots around the house and within a couple of hours I felt pain on the top of my foot. Decided it would be best to just return them because I don't think my feet would have endured the break in time.

You’ll be amazed by these boots.

Performance and comfort is what I look for in footwear That has to be on my feet 12 hours a day. I’ve tried various Bates models and a few Magnums but none comes close to these Under Armour Stellar Tactical Sidezip. No break in period needed just lace, zip up and start enjoying the comfort. Extremely light. Did I mention comfort? My only gripe is that they’re not waterproof. I highly recommend these boots.

Different fit from one to the next!

I tried in store! 10.5 fit good but I wasn’t sure on price, went home and found them cheaper online! When they came in they didn’t fit at all the same! Returned!

Under Armour boots

The fit of these boots are perfect.I am very satisfied. The style is amazing! I suggest this company for everyone.