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DNA Produk

  • Teknologi UA Storm menolak air tanpa mengorbankan ventilasi
  • Kombinasi kulit & tekstil nilon 900D untuk bagian atas yang lembut dan ringan
  • Desain minimalis cepat kering termasuk lubang drainase samping tengah agar kaki tetap kering
  • Teknologi antibau diterapkan di pelapis kaus kaki Ortholite® dengan cara dicetak, untuk mencegah pertumbuhan mikroba penyebab bau
  • Sol tengah Micro G® dengan panjang sepenuhnya, dengan batang TPU yang diperkuat untuk stabilitas yang lebih baik
  • Sol karet profil rendah meningkatkan traksi
  • Tinggi: 20 cm
  • Offset: 10mm
  • Berat: 439 gram.
  • Impor


Inilah yang membuat perlengkapan kami memiliki performa yang lebih baik—dan lebih cerdas—dibanding yang lain.


Lebih ringan dan lebih ramping dibandingkan busa tradisional, bantalan UA Micro G® memiliki performa yang ultra responsif dan sangat dekat dengan tanah, memberikan kestabilan dan kenyamanan yang lebih baik dan alami.

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best product

product rating 10 out of 10. hope you can produce available size 9 and 10 on your UA boots. customer care is also accommodating.

Good training boot

US Army, 18mo use with no failure More than 100 days spent in the field Absolutely recommend to anyone doing lots of field work, these perform best outdoors. CONs: - Poor quality laces; replaced within a week with kevlar reinforced - Ankle/calf area is shorter than issued gear (1-2in difference, could affect uniform wear) NEUTRAL: - Thick, flat sole, almost 1in at the thickest - Slight excess of 'tongue' material allows for comfortable double-socking and trouser-tucking but can present a unprofessional appearance if allowed to 'bunch up' while lacing PROs: - Zero break-in time; I rucked 10mi with these after just 2 days of a few hours on duty w/ no discomfort - Very comfortable yet durable material; My field training areas have hostile conditions including barbed wire, massive thorn growths, and burs, and these boots truck right on through - Versatile conditions; I wore these through 100* heat and bone-chilling 10* blizzards and had no troubles when paired with appropriate underwear - Extremely fast drying; Was raining really hard in the field, boots were soaked, sun comes out, boots were dry before we set up the next patrol base

Best boot I've worn

Unbelievable boot, no break in time, feels like I'm wearing PT shoes, surprisingly waterproof for how light they are, worn in the field and garrison no problems, laces wore out in a couple weeks but an easy fix with heavy duty laces, looks great with CADPAT, would highly recommend


I’ve had these boots for a little over a year. I bought them at the BX. The comfort in them are great.

can you make smaller size for women. im size 5.5 or 6 will do. pls Thank you

can you make smaller size for women. im size 5.5 or 6 will do. pls Thank you

Best boot I’ve had but

Very comfortable boots and are great for rucking. Only issue was that I had to buy new laces because they snapped after only having them for a month. They also started wearing down quicker than other boots that I had. I want to buy another pair but with the schools that I’ll be going to, I need durable boots.

Great Boots

I've owned my jungle rats for almost three years now and they are absolutely my favorite boot I have worn in the 20+ years I've been in the service. I will never switch to another boot as long as I am still serving. There is one draw back to these boots, The laces. I've went through about four sets of laces if not more, I've lost count. Because of the way the eyelets are shaped in time they rub the outer material of the laces which in turn exposes the different colors of material that make up the inner part of the laces. When this happens I cant wear them cause they wont be AR 670-1 compliant. UA I think a redesign of the eyelets are in need or switch to a different lace material.

Good boot, didn't last long

I don't usually leave reviews but due to what I do for a living and to ensure Soldiers like myself avoids the problems I have faced. I've been in the Army for the past 15 years and I never had a pair of boots that wore out on me so fast. They lasted only 8 months under normal conditions. These were very comfortable when I did have them. No deployments or field time were spent with these boots and the sole and heel area starting falling apart. Plus the laces weren't very good. I had to replace them after 2 months of owning these. I love Under Armour and I have purchased numerous products through them but unfortunately for boots, I am gonna have to go another route.

Good, lightweight boots

These boots are great for both garrison and ruck marches, however the laces are absolutely terrible. They have frayed in multiple places with only 4 months of garrison wear. Under Armour needs to implement paracord laces or kevlar-reinforced laces.

Great boots, bad laces

I got these boots about 8 weeks ago, despite some of the more negative reviews. As stated in some of the prior reviews, the boots are SUPER lightweight and SUPER comfortable (like an athletic shoe). But also as stated in prior reviews, the inside of the laces started to bunch inside the outer material, to the point where the laces couldn't pass thought the eyelets or be tied. I replaced the laces with store boughts. These are the second pair of UA boots I have purchased, and probably the 15th pair over all of UA footwear. Although these have held up much better than the first pair of UA boots, the overall boot quality is less than that of the regular UA shoes (golf, running, training). I would think that since some of these reviews date back almost 2 years, the small fixes like laces would be resolved by now.