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Sepatu Boot Tactical UA Valsetz RTS 1.5 Side Zip untuk Pria

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RP 2,299,000
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Sepatu Boot Tactical UA Valsetz RTS 1.5 Side Zip untuk Pria

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DNA Produk

Sasaran kami adalah menciptakan sepatu boot taktis dengan seluruh daya tahan yang Anda butuhkan untuk menyelesaikan pekerjaan, dikombinasikan dengan kenyamanan sepatu lari. Misi terlaksana. Yang kami buat adalah sepasang sepatu boot terlaris yang dipercaya oleh pria dan wanita berseragam di seluruh dunia.
  • Kulit sintetis yang tahan lama dan ringan serta bagian atas dari kain terkini
  • Ritsleting samping di bagian tengah untuk kemudahan pemakaian
  • Sistem penyangga pergelangan kaki UA ClutchFit™ memberikan kontur dan penyangga di tempat yang paling Anda butuhkan
  • Pelindung jari TPU untuk perlindungan tambahan
  • Film PU dilas mengelilingi perimeter boot untuk ketahanan terhadap abrasi
  • Pelapis kaos kaki Ortholite® antimikroba yang dibentuk
  • Sol tengah EVA Micro G™ untuk kenyamanan sepanjang hari
  • Batang TPU ringan untuk menyangga tengah kaki dan kekakuan yang pas
  • Sol luar lug karet traksi tinggi baru untuk cengkeraman di berbagai kondisi
  • Tinggi: 17,78 cm
  • Berat: 393,49 gram
  • Diimpor

Ringkasan Ulasan

7 Ulasan

Comfortable but wont last. Police/Fire no good for us.

Bought the boots 6 months ago and the sides of them have already peeled apart. I thought i would get more life out of them and did not. I got more life from a cheaper pair of boots that last 1.5 years. Spent more money for the quality and didn't get it.


Got them and after 6 months they had holes in both sides where your toes bend. They were worn 2 times a week at a firehouse and they were not used on calls as we wear bunker gear and boots. They have plenty of tread left as they have 2 holes that easily gets water in them. The side zip was stronger than bates but overall it didn’t make a difference as the boots wore out really fast with minimal use and not using them as work boots. Would not recommend at all

Won’t last one hike.

I’ve tried these boots twice and both times I did not finish a 10 km hike without them falling apart on the outside at the toe. They are very light and comfy.

Great Boots!

I have worn the same pair for 13 months and am just now going to replace them. They've done me well. I wear them on duty and off. The only time I don't wear them is when I'm wearing my UA workout/training shoes. I've certainly put them to the test from foot chases to desk duty. My feet have always been protected and comfortable in these no matter the situation.

Terrible Boots

These are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn with zero break in period. They are broken in right out of the box. The only problem is with super comfort I guess comes poor durability. Both of my laces were totally worn and snapped by the third eyelet up after 2 months of light use that i had to buy new laces. The sole is also coming apart after 4 months. Also, if your feet ever sweat wearing these the odor never leaves after the first time. I do not recommend these boots but I am just hoping that my situations were due to defective craftsmanship of these boots. I am a correction officer with a totally indoor job on concrete floors. There is no reason for these issues this soon.


The one things these have are comfort. Thats it. Police/Fire/EMS stay away. They didnt last six months until they started falling a part. I know about 30 guys who bought these. Almost all of them have been replaced. I put of with a little wear a tear for awhile now the sole is detaching and there going in the trash.


These boots are cheaply made and are garbage! After 3 months they are ripping out and falling apart, very disappointed they would sell a product that falls apart like this.