Sepatu Boot Tactical UA Valsetz 2.0 untuk Pria

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Sepatu Boot Tactical UA Valsetz 2.0 untuk Pria
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Sepatu Boot Tactical UA Valsetz 2.0 untuk Pria

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  • Bagian atas berbahan kulit sintetis & tekstil yang ringan dan tahan lama
  • Sistem penyangga mata kaki UA ClutchFit™ memberikan kontur & penyangga
  • Pelindung jari TPU untuk proteksi tambahan
  • Lapisan PU yang dilas mengelilingi sepatu untuk menahan abrasi
  • Pelapis kaus kaki cetak Orothlite® antimikroba
  • Sol tengah Micro G® EVA ultraringan untuk kenyamanan sepanjang hari
  • Batang TPU untuk rigiditas torsional
  • Sol luar karet dengan traksi tinggi dibuat untuk performa terbaik di berbagai kondisi lingkungan
  • Tinggi: 18 cm
  • Berat: 439 gram.
  • Impor


Inilah yang membuat perlengkapan kami memiliki performa yang lebih baik—dan lebih cerdas—dibanding yang lain.


Saat matahari sedang terik, kain biasa akan memanas dengan cepat dan Anda lebih cepat berkeringat, kelelahan, & kehilangan fokus.

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Great Boot

features are exactly what i need in these type of boots takes a little getting used to lacing up the valsetz 1.5 should have been the same price as the 2.0

Best Boots Ever!!!

Awesome boots! love the comfort and support around my ankles and heel! Would suggest to get a half size larger though. Purchase online a Size 12 US but real feel is at 11.5 US. No worries though, will start using thin socks. Thank you UA!

Runs 1 size small. US 9 usual. Got a 9.5 and still small. 10.0 should be just right.

Runs 1 size smaller. The lace could be made a little more premium feeling.

Mens UA Valsetz 2.0 tactical boots

As of now after two months I buy and using this shoes ill never encounter bad. the shoes nice to use for everyday work.


These are by far my favorite boots ever! I had multiple pairs of the original Valsetz, when they discontinued them i bought multiple pairs of other boots trying to find something i liked (including the Valsetz RTS- which I do not like at all) but i was spoiled by the Valsetz. Then the Valsetz 2.0 came out and I ordered them as soon as i could find them online. They are an even better version of the original. I like them so much that if they come available in my size again I will probably order a lifetime supply. I just cant understand why these are not available and the RTS is. All of my friends at work agree these boots are the best they have ever had for comfort on duty. Please bring these boots back UA!

Bad quality

super comfortable boots, but they only last for about 6 months. Wish they were a lil better quality.

Best Boots Ever!

I own a gym, am a personal trainer, and competitve bodybuilder, and I love the way these boots fit and feel! They are so incredibly comfortable and give lots of stability and ankle support when performing such exercises as squats, etc..I get compliments on the looks of these boots all the time, and they are just so light and comfortable..I am on my feet almost all day training clients, and no other shoe wear has felt as good as these boots do!

Best Boots Ever!!!

When the 2.0 came out for a brief moment, you would not believe how excited I was! I still have originals that I am wearing until the soles literally run all the way down because they are so comfortable and I have not been able to find anything like it. Please produce these or something similar again. The 2.0's appear to be just as comfortable and lightweight as the originals. I would highly recommend this boot to anyone in law enforcement, who is on their feet all day, needs stability for their ankles. Whether walking, running, climbing, jumping over fences or just standing...this is a great boot! *Just not meant for water*

Please bring back women's version of these... best boots ever!

Im a female who has worked in the safety field for 20+ years and have wore boots all my life. I am on my feet all day 10-16 hrs a day and these are by far the most comfortable and durable boots I've ever had. In fact so comfortable, that when they discontinued them and mine finally wore out after almost 3yrs, I haven't been able to find or wear another boot that I can even stand wearing all day. Their new version of the valsetz can't even come close to these, so when they finally came back out with this version, I was so excited only to find out they haven't released this style in the women's again yet and they don't have a men's size small enough. Please I'm begging the developers to please release these again in the women's version as I'm barely getting by with what Im wearing now. If I'd of known they were going to discontinue these way back when I'd of bought 10 pair! I hope they do and I hope they didn't change a thing about them cause they were amazing before. I'm patiently waiting in pain everyday for the women's version. Please please please!

Amazing product

I totally agree with the previous reviews. The most comfortable boots ever. Professional look and durable. I am a Firefighter and I still have a pair i bought about 3, almost 4 years ago. I only wish they would come out with a new side-zip version soon. Thank you.