UA Street Encounter IV Slides untuk Pria

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UA Street Encounter IV Slides untuk Pria
Warna: Gray
Ukuran: 11.5
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DNA Produk

Perpaduan terbaik antara sepatu dan sandal—bagian atas dari kanvas menutup kaki dan memberikan perlindungan layaknya sepatu tetapi Anda dapat menyelipkan kaki untuk mengenakan dan melepasnya layaknya sandal. Sepatu ini mudah dikenakan dan luar biasa nyaman.
  • Bagian atas dari kanvas lentur memberikan rasa pas terbaik dan kenyamanan penuh
  • Sistem tali bungee elastis membuatnya mudah dikenakan, dirancang agar dapat diselipkan dengan cepat saat dikenakan dan dilepas
  • Pelapis kaus kaki EVA die-cut panjang standar mengikuti bentuk kaki
  • Sol luar EVA yang didesain ulang memberikan mobilitas yang lebih baik, bantalan yang ringan, dan traksi yang ditingkatkan
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Highly recommended. Easy to wear and comfortable. Perfect for walking and casual wear

Great price and durable!

Good price and the shoe is like my sleep on! No performance, great looks!

Very comfortable

Love these shoes, they are very soft and comfortable. I took a vacation and did a lot of walking and my foot did not get tired.

Good looking shoe. Not even close to fitting my foot.

I really like the way the shoe looks, but the size is not even close to fitting my foot. Waaaaay to narrow on my foot. Unfortunately will have to return.

Great shoes, no support

These shoes are great for a day at the office where you are not doing a lot of walking. The support is not great for your arches. I use these when I go to the gym in the morning. Easy to slip on and off. I have four pairs. I knew what I was getting when I bought them so just be aware that the support is great unless you put inserts in them.


These shoes are so narrow. They aren’t even a D width...more like a B actually. The length of the shoes is one full size shorter than what you normally wear – I had to re-order full size larger. They are stylish for sure but they are not comfortable at all—Way overpriced for a tight, uncomfortable shoe IMO

Recovery shoe

Some days after a long run I can barely walk due to plantar fasciitis. I bought these shoes hoping that they would give me the relief I needed and help with the pain. Wore them all day and was so very impressed with the feel and relief on my feet. Plantar is still sore but such a wold of difference after just a day in these. I cannot speak on the durability as I have not owned them long but I can definitely say they provided significant relief to my aching feet. Thanks UA!

Great shoe, except for the sole

I agree with the main con that I've seen from other reviews. The soles wear out quicker than any other shoe I've had. Love everything else about them. Super comfortable, easy to slip on and off, really light weight. I'm on my third pair because I like them so much. But I'm also on my third pair because the soles have worn out fast.

Left one too small!

I`ve ordered 2 pairs, one in grey, they are perfect (hence the review points on comfort levels), and a white one, but when trying that on, i noticed the left one was pretty small, uncomfortable to wear. I did still wear it for a short occasion, couple of hours, hoping it will stretch a bit , but it didn`t.

Light weight, comfortable and and easy to slip on

These shoes look like ties but are slip ons. My favorite pair of leisure wear shoes. Light and comfortable..