Kaus UA Charged Cotton® Left Chest Lockup untuk Pria

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Tinggi: Ukuran: Fit: Longgar
Kaus UA Charged Cotton® Left Chest Lockup untuk Pria
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Tinggi: Ukuran: Fit: Longgar
Kaus UA Charged Cotton® Left Chest Lockup untuk Pria

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Baju berbahan katun menahan keringat, menambah beban atlet, dan memerlukan waktu lama agar kering... jadi kami membuat terobosan baru. UA Charged Cotton® memiliki tekstur katun seperti yang Anda sukai, namun elastis, menyerap keringat, dan lebih cepat kering daripada bahan katun biasa.
  • Longgar: Potongan yang lebih utuh untuk kenyamanan yang menyeluruh
  • Charged Cotton® senyaman katun, tetapi lebih cepat kering
  • Konstruksi peregangan 4 arah bergerak lebih baik ke semua arah
  • Bahan menyerap keringat & sangat cepat kering
  • Teknologi antibau mencegah pertumbuhan mikroba penyebab bau
  • 57% Katun/38% Poliester/5% Elastan
  • Impor

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Review Kaus UA Charged Cotton Left Chest Lockup untuk Pria

Saya pernah membeli kaus dengan tipe yang sama beberapa bulan sebelumnya di outlet resmi UA. Kaus ini sangat nyaman dipakai dan memiliki desain yang simple tapi dapat menunjukkan identitasnya. Saat saya ingin membeli lagi kaus sejenis di outlet resmi UA ternyata tipe tersebut sudah tidak tersedia, dan saya memutuskan membeli secara online. Ternyata kaus yang saya terima berbeda dengan kaus yang pertama kali saya beli, terutama dari sisi bahannya. Kaus yang saya beli secara online memiliki bahan yang lebih tipis. Dari sisi desain, UA masih mempertahankan kesederhanaannya,.

  • UA T-shirt


I bought a bunch of these shirts in 2017, and love them. Now you don't have them, or not in my size. In fact not much of anything in my size. 4xl tall. I like my shirts baggy and long, with sleeves down to my elbows. bring back these shirts and expand your sizes please. Big and Tall folks like to wear your product as well as the "fit" bunch.

Used to be good

Just a normal T-shirt with UA logo, used to be good as the material is either dry-fit or close to it. Do not buy just because the price is cheaper. I thought I had a good deal because of good discount. Totally regret buying it

Comfortable and breathable

These shirts are so comfortable and breathable I have about 6 of them. The it has a regular fit and is well suit for any activities. I use them for biking, skating and yoga.

Bring back the original

New charged cotton are terrible. Nothing like the original charged cotton t shirts. Got years of use out of the originals but the new ones didn't last more than a year. Won't be buying anymore until they decide to quit being cheap and go back to the good ones.

How to Ruin an Awesome Product, by UA

I own 10 of the original UA charged cotton t shirts. I workout 5-7 times per week and have worn these shirts exclusively for a number of years. The shirts are incredibly comfortable and fit perfectly. These shirts were my introduction to UA products and I subsequently bought all UA workout shorts, shoes, etc. Unfortunately, the shirts are starting to show their age after years of heavy use. While I noticed many bad reviews on the current version of UA charged cotton...I thought, those can't be right...why would they ruin such an awesome shirt? So, I purchased a new version of the shirt to give it a try. And, for me, those bad reviews are right. What an awful shirt. I see they put 38% polyester in the new version of the "charged cotton" shirt. I hate the feel of polyester...it's beyond me why UA would ruin such an awesome shirt. Seriously UA, if you're not going to bring back the original version of the shirt in the near future, you've lost me as a customer.

Amazing shirt! Better than the Original Charged Cotton!!!

This shirt is better than the original Charged Cotton, the material feels better and breathes better. It is slightly thinner but in a good way, it feels cooler when you wear it and performs better when you sweat in it. It also fits me better, the original was tight around my shoulders in XXL, this one fits great, it gives me more room in the shoulders and chest. If you have a muscular build it should fit much better. I'm a XL in most shirts with a 45-46 inch chest. But in UA XXL fits me better. When I wear the original charged cotton and sweat in it, it feels like I'm wearing a thick wet blanket, the moisture stays on the shirt. I want to thank Under Armour for improving the Charged Cotton. I'm glad I ignored the bad reviews of this shirt and bought it. I got the True Grey Heather and it looks soooo good. The color is beautiful and I love the little red logo. I liked it sooo much I'm buying 2 more in the same color and the Midnight Navy :o)

Really steaffly

Can't you give me more discount on my wistlist item.I sure buy it again Today.please

I know it's unlikely, but please go back to the original charged cotton.

I bit the bullet and finally ordered some of the new version Charged Cotton to try out, even though the reviews have clearly stated that the shirts have changed. I figured I would give them a shot anyway. Well...it was a total disappointment! I might have well as ordered Under Armour's standard T-shirt. In no way do these shirt resemble cotton material. I have a closet full of charged cotton shirts that have begun to fade and get holes in them because I wear them so much and have had them so long, with no way to replace them because Under Armour made the decision to change the material composition. I know this review will do little other than maybe illicit the usual, we'll pass this along, but Under Armour seriously needs to consider doing the consumer friendly thing and going back to the old shirt material composition, as many others have requested. I will be returning these shirts ASAP. As a matter of fact, they are on their way back as I type this review.

Best fitting, most comfortable Shirt

I have made multiple purchases of these shirts over the past several years, having at least one in almost every color. This shirt fits perfectly, is extremely comfortable, and wears/washes well. Please reconsider discontinuing this shirt...I have never found one like it.