Charged Cotton® Stretch 6” Boxerjock® untuk Pria – 3 Pak

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Tinggi: Ukuran: Fit: Fit
Charged Cotton® Stretch 6” Boxerjock® untuk Pria – 3 Pak

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  • Fit: Rapat di kulit tanpa sesak
  • Kain Charged Cotton® senyaman katun, tetapi jauh lebih cepat kering
  • Konstruksi peregangan 4 arah bergerak lebih baik ke semua arah
  • Bahan menyerap keringat dan sangat cepat kering
  • Working fly
  • Inseam: 15,24 cm
  • 3 boxer per pak
  • 57% Katun/38% Poliester/5% Elastan
  • Impor

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I like them.

Super comfortable and never rise up. I'm a waist 36-37 and get the XL. Wish they'd have a salmon red and maroon red pack. Run a little big, so if you normally get a XL, you might wanna consider getting an L.

Comfy boxer briefs

The briefs are comfy and it doesn't rolls up to your groin over through out the day however you will want to readjust it down a little to feel fully comfortable. Good for sporting activities or daily use

Not as Pictured

I've bought a few packs of these cotton boxerjocks before, and they are very comfortable. However, the all-white pack is not all white, they have a gray waistband and are not as pictured. One day, hopefully UA will start making all-white like they used to!


These are a must buy in my opinion. They are extremely comfortable and the elastic bands last.

Waistband woes

Same issue I think that several others have commented on. Shorts are very comfortable and fit well, but after about 6 months or so, the waistband looses it's elasticity and becomes stretched and deformed. Without a tight fitting, stretchy waistband, these trunks essentially become useless. I've purchased a lot of Under Armour clothing and the quality has always been excellent. I've got to believe there is some manufacturing defect in the band itself - - Will Under Armour address this issue? - - I've thrown out a number of trunks already and I've found another supplier of similar fitting trunks. Would like to come back to Under Armour if this problem gets fixed though...

First Time Buyer

I am a devoted user of UA products. I decided to purchase the charged cotton Stretch 6 in. Box jock underwear. The size and feel of material was perfect. The only thing that is trouble some is the waist band. I have read several reviews on this and now I have to agree with some reviews. You are constantly having to pull them up and if you bend over they will slide down your backside. That is sad because the underwear is about 95% perfect. I would like to know if UA is considering any changes in this product in the future and how customers would know if changes were made. I have also noted in stores that carry UA underwear that Charged Cotton is never available.

Please bring back the old design!!

I work in the natural gas industry so cotton is the only underwear I wear (in case of flash fires) I have been buying the charged cotton for years and loved them, then they changed the waistband and they aren’t near as good. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD STYLE!!

Not at all for athletic builds

These underwear are not made for anyone with anything resembling an "athletic" body. The waist-to-leg ratio is completely off. The legs are way too tight compared to a very loose waistband. So I'd say they run too large and too small at the same time. Keep in mind that as athletes go I am completely in the normal spectrum and these don't fit well, so I can't image someone with an even more impressive waist-to-leg ratio. It is very disappointing because when I think Under Armour, I think about athletic wear. But these underwear seem to be designed for the sedentary, skinny-fat American male.

Waistband is prone to failure

I've been buying the charged cotton packs for years and loved them, but I'm really disappointed with the new design. The other reviewers are correct in saying that the elastic waistband is totally ineffective. They slide down during the day with movement, forcing me to pull them back up several times. Extremely annoying, especially when working out and constantly having to worry about them sliding too low. They also sit low on the waist to begin with compared to the previous design, making malfunctions even more likely. The material is comfortable and the design in theory is cool, but these are not performing the way they should at all. Very disappointed in them.


Very disappointed! Not very comfortable and rides low, always pulling them up! Not the quality I normally expect from Under Armour.