Celana Pendek UA Match Play untuk Pria Muda

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RP 359,400 RP 599,000
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Panduan Ukuran dan Fit
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Celana Pendek UA Match Play untuk Pria Muda

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DNA Produk

Ketika Anda bersiap menyambut musim panas, inilah celana pendek yang pasti akan menjadi pilihan Anda. Berbahan kain sangat ringan dan bisa bernapas yang juga memiliki ban pinggang elastis andalan kami.
  • Kain tenun lembut memberikan kenyamanan total
  • Bahan menyerap keringat dan sangat cepat kering
  • Ban pinggang yang dirancang elastis untuk mobilitas superior dan kenyamanan luar biasa
  • Desain rata depan 4 saku
  • Inseam: 22,8 cm
  • 100% Poliester
  • Impor


Inilah yang membuat perlengkapan kami memiliki performa yang lebih baik—dan lebih cerdas—dibanding yang lain.


Inovasi asli sesuai dengan yang diimpikan pendiri kami. Kain dengan aliran udara yang sangat baik ini menguapkan keringat dan mengatur suhu tubuh agar Anda merasa lebih sejuk, kering, dan ringan dari sebelumnya.

Ringkasan Ulasan

9 Ulasan

Like everyone else - no adjustable waist - these are not a keeper

I have twins - they are completely different shapes so when these had the adjustable waist -- they were perfect. We have 5 different pair and they could switch between them because of the adjustable waist. They are getting too small and I will have to find another brand because of the waist. The pants hold up well and are soft - a key component for my sons. They complained that they would fall down so they are going back.


Loved loved loved these shorts for our kiddo for school, golf, and wearing out to dinner. They WERE perfect when the adjustable waist was part of the equation. UA please bring back the adjustment because kids grow at different rates, shapes, sizes. The adjustable waist was perfect for the boys who need the length but the weight hasn’t caught up. Belts aren’t the fix! These super awesome shorts are no longer an option for my kids and many others.

Sizing is way off!

These shorts fit so much smaller than other UA shorts. My 10 year old son, weighing 85 lbs, wears a size medium in all UA gear, but is a size 16 in these shorts!!! I wish UA would get their sizing figured out! Very disappointing!

This product is not as good as last years

Don't like these at all. Wish they kept the adjustable waist. My son is tall and thin and the golf belt doesn't help much. Also, they are thicker and not as thin as the adjustable ones so, in the heat that isn't the best.

Bring back the adjustable waist

We love these shorts but for a boy that is skinny and somewhat tall these don't work for us anymore. The adjustable waist shorts were the best. Please bring them back .

Poor Fit

We love these shorts, they can be dressed up for church and other nice occasions, or can be worn casual...however, there is not an adjustable waistband in these and the waist runs VERY large. Please bring back the adjustable waist band, these are my son's favorite shorts aside from the casual activewear.

Bring back the old style

I have two boys that wear nothing but UA. They have worn these shorts (old style) for several years. Purchased the new style (with no inner waistband adjustment) for their school clothes this year and they don't work. My boys are thin and need the inner waist adjustment. Luckily I was able to find the old style for sale somewhere else. Please bring back the inner waist adjustment, or offer both styles.

Match Play Short

We love these shorts. They do run small, recommend to size up. I have a thin 14 year old 5'5" 125 pounds. Usually we size down but not for these shorts. We ordered 14 and needed to upsize to 16.

High quality - Sizes run small

I've been buying UA for years for my boys and typically their items run large (& my son's are typically small for their ages). I bought a 12 for my 11 year old (about 4' 11 - 80lbs) and these are just a little snug around his waist and shorter than he likes. Have exchanged for the 14's but with no adjustable waist band, I'm hoping the waist isn't too big. The shorts are exactly the material/weight we wanted so fingers crossed that the 14's work. We have a hard time finding light material for the hot summer months on the golf course!