Bra Olahraga UA Vanish High untuk Wanita

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RP 999,000
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Tinggi: Ukuran: Fit: Fit
Bra Olahraga UA Vanish High untuk Wanita

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DNA Produk

Produk ini disebut UA Vanish karena itulah yang terjadi pada keringat ketika Anda memakainya. Ini adalah baselayer kami yang paling cepat kering, jadi Anda tetap merasa sejuk saat berolahraga.
  • Fit: Rapat di kulit tanpa sesak
  • Menyangga secara strategis, didesain khusus untuk aktivitas bertekanan tinggi seperti berlari, olahraga lapangan terbuka dan tertutup, dan aerobik
  • Bantalan busa performa tetap menutup tubuh dan menyangga secara ekstra namun tetap memberikan ventilasi
  • Punggung terbuka yang unik dengan tali yang dapat disesuaikan
  • Ban lembut yang menyerap keringat memiliki penutup berupa kait dan mata agar mudah dikenakan dan dilepas
  • Kain berkualitas super lembut yang tidak bergeser elastis namun tetap menyangga dan sangat cepat kering
  • Teknologi UA Microthread pada kain membuatnya cepat kering, tidak melekat di tubuh, tidak membuat lecet, dan lentur tanpa menyerap keringat
  • 59% Elasterell/41% PoliesterImpor

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Threads on the inside rub skin raw

I love this bra. It fits perfectly but unfortunately the threads on the inside of the bra rub my skin raw. Even though I'd seen the same comment written previously I had hoped that this problem was fixed. Unfortunately it has not. Please take this bra off the market until you can fix the problem. It is unfair to your customers to purchase it only to have to take time out of their day to return it via mail.

Not enough support

This is a high support sports bra. However, The sports bra did not provide enough support for my run.

Great fit- want more colors!

I love the fit of this bra. I criss crossed the straps in the back and there was no strap slipping. It held everything in place with no bounce. It is super comfortable to wear. I did have a little chafe around the top of the chest and the bottom of the band, but that was in humid weather after a 10 mile run. No bra is immune when I run longer distances. Wish you had more colors. Would highly recommend. Bought 34D- true to size.

Great sports bra

I really love this sports bra. It's comfortable and supportive - I wear a 36D so support is important! My ONLY complaint is the straps. I adjust them to be tight but by the end of a high impact workout, they loosen up quite a bit. Even with that complaint, I would still recommend it.


This is seriously the most perfect sports bra ever. It's supportive and super easy to get on/off (even after a workout), extremely comfortable, and runs true to size. I'm 5'4", ~128 lbs, and wear a 36B bra, which is exactly the size that I bought for this sports bra. I can wear it all day, go for a 5 mile run, and then go lifting for an hour+ without even noticing it or having any issues with the straps (I use them in the cross way). As soon as I tried one out, I immediately bought 3 more, and I might go ahead and buy more soon.

High intensity sprot bra for plus size

Suitable for any movement. The only sport bra brand that I confidences using all the way through my exercises.

Great Coverage

I enjoy high impact gym classes and running, but when my favorite sports bras started to fail (literally hanging on by threads) I went searching for new ones because they discontinued that style. I bought and returned so many and finally found this! This is the first bra I haven't had to alter my posture because of the support. I would have given it 5 stars, but the elastic bands do loosen themselves as I'm running. I may have to do some DIY and sew them into position.

Pros and cons

I am a chesty lady and I was excited to find a sports bra that would fit! When I first tried it on I was pumped I felt secure and it was totally worth the price tag. First time wearing it while running the plastic adjustables on the straps slip back so therefore it does not maintain the support. When using it for a weight workout the hard plastic digs into your skin. Hopefully UA actually looks into all feedback because this does have potential to be a great product.