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Athlete Recovery Sleepwear Joggers untuk Pria

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Athlete Recovery Sleepwear Joggers untuk Pria

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The fastest thing in the universe? Light. The fastest way to recover? Also light. Infrared light, to be exact. The mineral-lined fabric reflects it back to your body, which helps restore your muscles faster.
  • Fit: Rapat di kulit tanpa sesak
  • Diilhami oleh latihan rutin Tom Brady, kami menciptakan sistem tidur tingkat lanjut untuk istirahat dan pemulihan yang lebih baik
  • Teknologi cetak di bagian dalam memantulkan Far Infrared, yang membantu tubuh Anda memulihkan diri lebih cepat dan membuat tidur lebih nyenyak
  • Kain rajut lembut ringan dan nyaman
  • Desain garis modern terlihat dan terasa lebih ramping
  • Konstruksi peregangan 4 arah bergerak lebih baik ke semua arah
  • Bahan menyerap keringat dan sangat cepat kering
  • Ban pinggang elastis berpelapis
  • Saku tangan terbuka
  • Faux fly
  • Celana model pensil dengan manset 2 lapis
  • Inseam: 76 cm
  • Tidak diperuntukkan sebagai perangkat medis
  • 75% Poliester/19% Rayon/6% Elastan
  • Impor

Ringkasan Ulasan

14 Ulasan


Fits as expected, very comfortable - expected to last. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Good pants

Good pants for colder weather. A little heavier than I would normally wear to bed but comfortable enough when cooler. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Comfortable and fits great, but for how long?

I recently purchased these as a birthday gift for myself, and I really like them! Comfortable, not too heavy even when its kind of warm in my room, overall very nice. However, I noticed a small hole next to the stitching on the inner thigh by my knee, and upon closer inspection, it looked like some fabric had come loose from the stitching. I want these pants to last for a long time, but I haven't worn them enough to wash them yet, and I don't want them to start falling apart on me. Overall, I'd recommend these to everyone due to how comfy the pants are, but maybe from the materials being used, it might not last as long as I'd like. Just something to think about before making a purchase.

Most amazing paints I've worn - hands down!

These are my new obsession, I wear them every day. They are so comfortable that I sent a pair to my son, and son-in-law who were both amazed at how comfortable the material is.

best sleeping jogger

Got these for my husband and he loved it. He fell in love with, before I got these I had bought so many different band of sleeping jogger and he dislike them all. my cousin told me about these sleeping jogger from Under Armour and he shouldn't stop dragging about them. so I deiced to give them a try. And now few month later I'm buying more.

Soft and comfy

As soon as I put these on I barely felt the fabric they were very soft and comfortable. Usually when I where long bottoms in bed, the material gets jumbled...but not with these bottoms. Also very light material so can be worn in cool and warmer conditions.


Fits great, stretchy and I appreciate the cuffs around the ankles, which provide warmth in the winter. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Super comfortable - great for sleeping in on chilly nights

High quality - very soft and comfortable. I usually sleep in shorts but on chilly nights these are great to sleep in. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Perfect Pant

I bought these for my son as a Christmas gift. He is a competitive swimmer who swims 6 days/week and 2 dryland. I didn't tell him what they were for other than they were his new pajama pants. He loves the lightweight fabric. After a few weeks, I asked if he noticed a difference in the morning after wearing them. He did find he slept better (mainly because they are so comfortable) and his legs were not as dead. While this experience may be anecdotal, there is some science to recovery wear. I ended buying a pair for my nephew and he loved them. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Very comfortable and can go from sleep to street

I have made several purchases of the sleep recovery tops, shorts, and pjs. I do not understand the technical reasons, but they really help recover after strenuous exercise. I love the Henley style tops, and even were them as a Regular tee like shirt at times. Very Comfortable. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]