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6 Results


Cross Training Shoes By Under Armour Indonesia

Under Armour takes care of your feet with our range of high-quality men’s cross training shoes.

Go The Distance

When you’re smashing out a hard workout, the last thing you want is to stop right in the middle of it because of foot discomfort. Protect your feet against impact in footwear specially designed with Charged Cushioning® midsoles so you can focus on your workout with comfort and achieve ultimate responsiveness.

Smash Your Workout. Every Time.

Shoes with UA HOVR™ technology offer lightweight bounces, marked by a ‘zero gravity feel’ that makes every burpee or box jump during your HIIT training a powerful one.

Take It To The Limit

We know that different types of training will require varied footwear. The beauty of cross trainers is that they can be worn across several types of exercises and workout regimens such as HIIT. So if your training crosses over a few different areas of fitness, these cross training shoes are exactly what you need.