Men's UA Jungle Rat Boots

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Product DNA

  • UA Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability
  • Leather & 900D nylon textile combine for a soft & light upper
  • Quick-dry minimalist design includes medial side drainage vents that help keep your feet dry
  • Anti-odor technology applied to molded Ortholite® sockliner to prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes
  • Full-length Micro G® midsole with reinforced TPU shank for increased stability
  • Low profile rubber lug sole increases traction
  • Height: 8"
  • Offset: 10mm
  • Weight: 15.5 oz.
  • Imported


This is what makes our gear work harder—and smarter—than anything else out there.


Lighter and sleeker than traditional foams, UA Micro G® cushioning delivers ultra-responsive, low-to-the-ground performance for better, natural stability and comfort.

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Love the Jungle Rat

I work in Corrections. Been wearing this style boot for years. I always use 550 cord for the boot laces, it seems to work the best. Really no break in timeline as I use boot polish to soften the leather right away. No issues at all for me..

Soldier, here. Lemme tell you about these boots.

I bought these boots in AIT because my Oakley's have been through the wringer. Here's what I found out with these: The design is excellent. I love the way they look and feel. However, I did notice that the height is just slightly shorter than the standard issue boots, but you really can't notice unless you're looking for it. These boots are the reason I started using blousing straps, because the way the ankle section of the boot is, you can't really just throw it on. You have to pull the laces really loose in order to get the boot on, and that can affect the comfort of the boot if you're the type who prefers to tuck your pants into your boots. Another thing that I see is a common complaint with these boots is that the laces fray very easily. It seems like the material the laces are made out of seem to be really weak, so that they fray a lot easier. The angles that the laces are at when they are pulled tight (like they should be) seems to be very sharp, so that is another reason that they fray. My suggestion to UA is to make the boots just a little bit taller (if I remember AR 670-1, the boots can be between 8-10 inches tall) so that the laces are at less of an angle when they are tightened. Also, another thing that I noticed is that it's very difficult to tuck the laces in when they are tightened around the ankle. One of the biggest issues that I have is that the left insole on my pair seems to cut a little higher up on the boot than the other one (it even covers one of the vent holes). When I went on my FTX, I used these to ruck march (our rucks were about 55 lbs) to see if they lived up to their expectations. Let me tell you, my left foot was in so much pain by the end of it I had to switch to my Oakley's. The insole is very rigid, so it's not like I can just bend the insole and try to make it work. That is my only complaint with it. UA, if you're reading this, make the insoles softer so that they conform to the foot easier. Not everyone's feet are the same, so the best thing to do is to make an insole that is softer (maybe take the plastic out of the inside of the insole so that the boot conforms better). Other than this, these boots are great, and I can see myself getting a lot more use out of them.

Customer Rating

Takes about 2 days ro break in. After that the shoe is amazing. This is my second pair in 3 years and I will never buy another boot but this one.

Lightweight, comfortable

Purchased for hiking ... No time to break in , slipped them on and hiked for 9 hrs ... great boots .. Great traction, like wearing sneakers on steroids

My ankle sat too high hp

I absolutely loved the look and utility of these boots. They’re super light weight, extremely breathable and water resistant. Unfortunately my feet sat too high up in them and it resulted in an extremely uncomfortable heel. I actually removed the insert in the boot and my feet sat almost perfect then, but without the insert it just wasn’t worth to keep them. I own two other pairs of UA Boots and love them but I would caution anyone to first try them on at a dicks sporting goods or similar store as they vary in size. I wear a size 10 in the fat tires a size 9.5 in the spec ops field and then a 9 in the ascents.

Coyote Brown color is off

I’ve had these boots for about 2 months now. Overall I am almost satisfied with the comfort and weight of the product but the “coyote brown” color seems a little off compared to everyone else wearing coyote brown boots. They are more of a reddish tan? Everyone else agrees and I almost feel out of regulation when wearing them. The ankle support is great but the foot slides around in the foot bed. Not impressed

Very comfortable

Great product, arrived very quick. Instant fit and amazing comfort, highly recommend.

About as good as you can get for boots at the price point

I regret not trying these sooner, having gone through a couple pair of similarly priced boots in the past couple years. Their break in period is great, I found them incredibly comfortable straight out of the box and could have easily gone into the field right away with them with no concerns. My only complaint, like many others here, is the laces. Although they are decent quality, they twist and bind in the upper eyelets meaning you can tighten your boots then have to re tighten in 30 seconds later after the lace shifts into the right alignment. I would suggest that buyers try the laces, and if they aren't satisfied replace them to either aftermarket laces or paracord. That's my plan.

Purchased August 2016

I have worn these boots since day 1 of AIT back in AUG 2016, now APR 2019 I can no longer wear them due to the fact that they have holes in them. PROS: lightweight, durable, comfortable and most of all easy to run in. CONS: If it’s raining even in the slightest your feet are going to be soaked, walking off-road or on gravel is more difficult compared to some boots. Overall I’d love to own another pair but it doesn’t look like they are selling them in my size anymore!

Put these through the ringer

I picked up these boots on recommendation from a family member and was thoroughly impressed. I got them about 2 weeks before I attended SFAS and was worried about how long break in might take. When they arrived, I soaked them in the bath tub put them on and went for a quick 4 mile ruck on uneven trails. The boots performed perfectly right out of the box. No blisters, hot spots or arch pain. I took these boots, along with 2 other pair of differing brands, to SFAS and wore these EVERY SINGLE DAY, through EVERY SINGLE EVENT. They dried so quickly that I never needed to change boots. I continued wearing these boots through SUT and SERE as well as through all my personal training before finally parting ways with them after almost 18 months of continuous wear. These are the lightest, most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn and provide great traction in all conditions. I never had any issues with the lack of ankle support that some complain about but I also grew up a basketball player and my ankles are made of rubber.